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Back-To-Front Marketing?

“Everyone wants success. Some people want it so much that they will work for it.” — Anonymous

In my issue to herald in the New Year, I said we’d go back over basics, mostly for the benefit of newcomers online.

It may, therefore, seem a bit back-to-front to begin talking about promotion methods today, if we haven’t yet covered product creation, website & list building, etc., yet.

On the contrary, those subjects seem to scare the wits out of a lot of people or bore them to death. They simply aren’t interested enough to sit up and take notice or will become daunted to inaction by the number and complexity of tasks.

They aren’t specially dumb: that’s human nature. We’ll all take the *path of least resistance* when we can. Admit it!

I’ve said much the same before in an article on psychology:

But, as in the rules of martial arts, it makes more sense to work WITH people’s natures than to fight against them.

It probably isn’t the smartest way to do things, but it seems to be the natural starting point for most people beginning online. They pick any program, promote it like mad then wonder why they don’t get anywhere, until they learn.

Does a baby utter a badly pronounced *mama* at nine months, or does someone wait until they’re 49 3/4 to be able to speak a language perfectly before opening their mouth?

(Never mind that the second option might be WISER! 🙂

Knowledge is a great thing, but you’ve got to agree that it’s pretty useless to your success without ACTION too.

Is this then accepting less? Of course not. So DO something (anything): the rest can be perfected as you go along, through acquired knowledge, hard work and experience.

Copyright 2003 Pamela Heywood
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