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10 Brilliant Methods to Move from Blechhh to Breakthrough in 5 minutes or less

Ever have one of those days? Seems as if the cloudy murkiness holds over your head sort of like the cloud of dust is continually hovering around Pig Pen’s feet in the Peanuts cartoons.

At last, a simple combination of tips will completely lift the Blechhhs quickly! Simply try on one or more of these methods The next time your life is taken over by a malaise of ickyness.

Let’s Begin!

1. Talk it over. Make a five-minute phone call to a friend in order to sort out “what’s up” in the situation. Sometimes all that is needed is a quick vent session. Set the intentional that the venting will completely erase the negative feelings. Speak. Let go.

2. Get a breath of fresh air. If you have been sitting at your Desk indoors, go outside and move around. Take ten big breaths And stretch completely lifting your arms up over your head. For once, know that no one is paying any attention. (They are Thinking about themselves the majority of the time.) I am actually writing this on my laptop sitting my porch. This way I get the benefit of the outdoors and I can keep a close watch over my little girl on her tricycle.)

3. Collect and prepare affirmations to use at times of distress. Keep these affirmations on notecards or in a special book so when You need them, they will be right there. You may choose to either Write them out a few times. Maybe speaking them works more Effectively for you. Perhaps a combination is best. Try various Methods on to see what works best for you.

4. Whenever you get a nice note or commendation from an Associate or a colleague, keep it in a file folder. I call mine my “atta girl” file. This is a great painkiller at times when blecch is overflowing. It reminds me (in the memorable words of Sally Fields so many years ago) “They like me! They really, really like me!”

5. Take a moment to review what you are thankful for in your Life and work. Before you groan, simply try it the next time blechhs Creep in. You can start a Gratitude or Thankfulness notebook where You actually keep a written record or you may want to just close your Eyes and think of those special things (or simple things) you Are thankful for. (As I was working on this article, I got up and Worked in my gratitude garden. It quickly refocused me so I was Able to complete my task at hand.)

6. Subscribe to one or more email quote services so you will have An ongoing list of inspiring quotes to read and reflect upon at a Moments notice. I have found it works best to copy and paste The especially good ones into a separate file folder. I have my Quotes separated by topic, as well, in case I run into a challenge in One specific area.

7. Write a thank you note or two. Quickly becoming a lost art, keep A pack of notecards in your desk. When the blechhs arrive, simply jot A quick, heart felt thank you to someone. It can be anyone who positively Impacts your day. (The mail carrier, an author, a member of your house Of worship who greets you each Sunday, your son’s scout leader.) By putting the thank you out into the universe, not only are you Adding to the positive energy or yourself and the recipient, you Are having a domino effect upon others as well. So simple AND So significant.

8. Do a 27 Fling Boogie. I learned this technique from the Flylady Who is an online organizational-time-management-hero for “Stay Home Executives.” If you feel the symptoms of blecch beginning to surface, grab a trash bag and get busy. Collect 27 items as quickly as you can, throw them in the trash bag, close the trash bag and take it outside immediately. This is VERY energizing. And somehow I never am unable to find 27 assorted items…you may surprise yourself!

9. Do a “Gifts Shift”. This came in handy when I used to work In local government. As the blechhs came upon me, I would Shift my task from something outside of my giftedness to Something inside my giftedness. For me that meant writing Something (I wrote some of the most readable memos in the Department!) or working with my clients in the field. It always Worked so that returning to doing my original task was much, Much easier.

10. Finally, give something away. This may be something as Simple as giving a heartfelt compliment. It may mean starting Or expanding on a hobby specifically as a method for combating the blechhs (one idea is to sponge paint small terra cotta pots and put a plant in them. One bigger plant can be the source for many little plants.)

Use this list as a starting point. Print it out and add your Ideas as they come to mind. Finally, you will be prepared To create positively the next time you don’t feel so great.

Your breakthroughs WILL come. Guaranteed.

Resources to support applying these tips include:

Gratitude Gardens:

Quote email lists to join:

Top Achievement’s Quote of the Day To subscribe via email: Or via the website at:

Powerquotes – Creating Daily Insights and Inspiration

To subscribe go to> or .

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