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Chicken Soup For The Net

The Internet is an ambiguous place. There’s enough fertilizer out there to keep several thousand rose bushes blue-ribbon winners.

You find yourself getting to the point where you feel you can’t trust anybody. Every word you read you see with jaundiced eyes. That’s debilitating.

You work alone when you work online and it can be lonely. Sometimes you’re so wrapped up in what you’re doing, you don’t notice.

When you do, you think that it would be nice to have people you can trust to communicate with. People you believe are not constantly “after” you.

Supportive individuals who understand what you are trying to accomplish and are willing to share advice, experience, expertise, their present activities – and throw in a few laughs along the way.

I belong to a few groups and enjoy them. One in particular is outstanding. They are my “Chicken Soup”. Truly, a warm, cozy meeting of mutual minds.

It’s easy to point out the negativity of the Net. Can we take a moment and talk about some of the good stuff?

In a “brick and mortar” environment, you have company to share a joke, gossip, whine, tease or complain to. It’s part of the package and makes the day go by.

In this cyber environment, I can share a joke, gossip, whine, tease, complain. All part of the package with this group, and makes my day go by happier.

I joined “Ideasbypost” probably by accident. As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, I don’t just get my newsletters/ezines, I really read them. I’m sure I read an ad for this ezine and thought “Might be interesting, we’ll see”.

I could easily have been satisfied with the ezine, which I like alot. Stumbling over this group was a bonus.

My “Chicken Soupers” are wonderful. We have become an interactive, supportive, international club of people who have found, like, help, build up and respect each other.

These are energetic, ambitious, intelligent, funny, creative people who are in it for mutual cause – to encourage and be encouraged, and have some fun doing it.

Everybody needs their occasional “atta-boy’s”. I get mine here.

What a refreshing breather! What an upper to know that there are people who don’t hesitate to cheer you on. Or even pull you out of your doldrums when you feel you are floundering. How good is this!

We need to hear more that there are just as many good guys out there than there are bad. I take that back. We need to hear more often that there are probably MORE of them than the other.

I wrote an ebook that’s online. Guess who designed the website for me? Someone I met over the Net. Did a gorgeous job and wouldn’t take a penny.

Imagine if we read about this sort of thing regularly. Establishing an on-line business is no easy task. These good guys are instrumental to the betterment of our psyches!

Sure, we must learn to recognize and be aware of the bull for what it is. Unfortunately, the upshot is that we’re getting so programmed to be highly suspicious of everything.

I might have missed my “Chicken Soupers” had I completely accepted the notion that the majority out there is neither honest nor trustworthy. That, essentially, everybody just wants a piece of you.

Let’s acknowledge, maybe even praise, those who inspire us to remain energized and motivated. I found my Chicken Soup For The Net. Try to find your’s.

Author, Sam Knight heads an Affordable Ad Writing Service, “The Write Place”, is editor/publisher of “BOOMER BRIGADE!” Newsletter, and partners with a company that offers Low-Cost Quality Computer Systems with a no credit check/no interest accrual Lay-a-way Plan

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