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Cross Media Advertising

Advertising is key to any business. It doesn’t matter what business it is, online marketing, brick and mortar store, advertising is key. One of the most often overlooked tools by the internet entrepreneur is cross media advertising. There are a number of very affordable options for using print media to guide customers or new leads to your web store, affiliate program or business opportunity.

There are plenty of stories written on how to write advertising copy, so that information won’t be repeated here. Just be sure to create an ad from 10 to 15 words in length. It should have two vital items. First, an eye catching lead in and a call to action. The call to action, in this case, will be the web site to which you wish to direct traffic.

The problem with most affiliate and associate programs is that the link to your particular site is usually very long, something like,
members/memberid?12345. A url like this is not at all print media friendly. Fortunately there is a free solution to this dilemma thanks to the folks at At you can create an easy to remember url redirect. The process is simple and takes only a few minutes to set up. You can use their free version, which of course shows the visitor an ad on their way to your site, or you can pay a very low yearly fee to have the redirect jump to your site without an advertisement. An example of an easy to remember redirect would be (You can find similar services at and

Something this short can also fit much easier in a column of print. The wonderful thing about using the option (or either of the other two services) is that it also acts as a tracking service. Whenever someone goes to your easy to remember redirect, the visit is counted. You can use this information to fine tune your advertising campaigns. Once you have set up a redirect and you have your ad copy all squared away, it’s time to find affordable print media advertising. There are a number of print media brokers online that make this a snap. Ads start as low as $10 and everything can be handled directly online. A couple of easy to use and low cost brokers are located at: and

Harvey Epstein has been helping network marketing home workers succeed in their chosen company for years. His marketing expertise and lead generation services are available at

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