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Discover the Truth Behind the ‘Secrets’

And the emperor has no clothes.

Do you believe the “heavy hitters” in network marketing or internet promotion will really reveal their secrets to you for $29.95? Do you believe there really are any secrets to success in the first place?

I don’t! And I will tell you why.

First things first. Marketers use power words to get your attention. I used three power words in the title, “discover,” “truth” and “secrets.” Over the years marketers have found that certain words trigger emotional responses that arouse curiosity in readers (or consumers if you like).

“Secrets” is such a powerful word because people want to believe there is some magic formula behind the “heavy hitter’s” success. After all, they did not become a heavy hitter without being successful. People want to know what they did that made them successful in the first place.

There are a few individuals that if you dropped them naked in the middle of the Sahara Desert in two weeks they will drive out of the desert in a new Ferrari wearing a gold Rolex watch and Armani suit with a downline of 1,000 people. In other words, they have a talent or gift that cannot be duplicated. So what does the average person do to become a heavy hitter? Or better yet, what does the average person do to become successful?

You are not going to like this.

Heavy hitters work the numbers. They use a system to work the numbers. At some point in time, they contacted enough people to generate enough business volume that created the incomes they have today. They use a system in order to predict the results given a specific number of contacts. In other words, they know if they contact 100 people, a specific number will buy their product or service and a specific number will join the business.

Secondly, once they become heavy hitters, they use their reputation as heavy hitters to create additional income. They have huge centers of influence. If Ms. Heavy Hitter decides to leave the current company and move to a new opportunity, she has enough influence that many in her organization will leave with her. Of course, those that are closest to her get the word before those that are well down in the organization.

Observation: It is amazing how many successful network marketers (heavy hitters) market generic business support and training materials. (At some point in time they will “pitch” their opportunity; “back-end” the opportunity if you will). Makes you wonder where the money is.

Does it pay to join a business opportunity “under” a heavy hitter or use their secrets?

In my opinion, the answer is a resounding NO. The reason is, to copy a phrase from the financial industry, that past performance is no indication of future success. What worked for one person, may not work for another because of differences in circumstances, individual skills and the like. Remember the guy in the desert?

In fact, joining a business opportunity under a heavy hitter may be detrimental to your wealth health.

For long term residual income, a business must be based on the retailing or consumption of products or services. Consumers must want and use the products because of the value associated with the product. Not the fact that there is a business opportunity associated with the product. If people join a business opportunity because of the compensation plan or “personality” currently promoting the opportunity, there is a tendency for them to leave when a better compensation plan or “personality” comes along. There is nothing worse than having a portion of your downline disappear because they moved to another opportunity with one of your upline members.

Another key to success and long term residual income, if you are not going to work the numbers, is to take the time to develop strong relationships with your business partners. Be selective with whom you allow into your business. Ideally, they will be your business partners for a long time to come. Developing strong bonds protects you and your partners from the vagaries of business life like changes in company policy, compensation etc.

The truth is: get rich slowly. Build relationships first.

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