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Drop the “T”

I have this cat at home, Brandee, who’s the most intelligent cat I have owned. There are times I think she actually understands the words I am saying to her and she responds directly to the point. She sits and tries to figure things out. If she wants something bad enough, she devises a plan to accomplish her goal.

Brandee was in my office a couple of weeks ago. Sometimes she feels she has to supervise me and gets up close and personal with the computer screen. I had music playing on my stereo, so my office door was almost shut, but not quite, to keep from disturbing family members down the hall.

When Brandee had had enough quality time in the office, she hopped down to leave. Even though the door was open a little bit, all she saw was a closed door. She sat down in front of the door and then stared holes into my head. She wanted me to get up and open the door for her.

I told her the door was open enough for her to get her paw in there to open it further and she could let herself out. She glared back at me and then at the door. I said, “Come on. Stop this *can’t* business. You know you can open the door. Just do it.” She finally assented, pulled open the door, and left.

As I sat there watching this, I laughed to myself that for all her intelligence, the first thing she thought of was that she couldn’t open the door. But in the end, with a little encouragement, she was able to do it. She turned an *I can’t* into an *I can.*

How about you?

When you come across an obstacle in your path, do you immediately sit down, say *I can’t*, and wait for someone to come along and do it for you?

When an opportunity comes your way, do start to list all the reasons why you *can’t* participate?

Do you look at your business and say *I can’t* earn any money, *I can’t* be successful, *I can’t* grow my customer base?

Today I’m saying to you what I said to my cat. “Stop this *I can’t* business.” As the old adage goes, you never know what you can do until you try.

So drop the *T* and change your attitude from *I can’t* to *I can*!

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