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Fast Form Filling on the Web

The first bit’s easy … create a text file containing all the information that you will need to type over and over again when you fill in online forms. Put your name, company name, address, phone number, URL, e-mail contact, etc.

Also include several versions of your main ads, varying their length and style together with a selection of your best headlines for each. You might want to include your web site title, description and keywords (again all in various length versions) for search engine and index submissions.

Type each item or group of information on a separate line (visualise the boxes in online submission forms). Save it in an easily opened format that’s not taxing on your system memory, such as Notepad (Mac owners can use Simple Text, Note Pad, or Stickies).

Put your data file or a shortcut (alias) to it in an easily accessible place – it can be a real pain in the you-know-what if you have to ferret through open file dialogues for it every day!

Keep this file open whenever you do your promoting tasks and simply copy and paste the information as you need it.

You’ll save even more time if you get yourself a multiple clipboard utility.

The shareware CopyPaste for Mac which now offers a CopyPaste for Win95/98 version as well [ ], is the best. It allows up to 100 clipboards which can also be saved through restarts, plus many other useful features. This enables you to keep the items you need most permanently in memory, so you don’t have to copy them each time.

If you download the latest versions of Internet Explorer (Mac included), the forms autofill feature will fill in the basic information like your name, address, etc., with just a click of a button!

You can also make good use of the auto complete function by storing much of the information you’ll use repeatedly (such as URLs, web site titles, etc.) in Explorer’s memory, so that whenever you need it you’ll only have to type one or two letters, instead of the whole thing.

If your willing to be a bit more creative, prefix the information you want to store with a number and then just type in the number for the whole lot to be instantly pasted into the form field.

Since the text is always hilighted when inserted, it’s very quick to remove the unwanted number at the beginning. A single press of the left arrow key on your keyboard followed by a single forward delete will leave you with just the text you want.

I find both of these features to be extremely useful time savers.

Something else you should look into is a handy piece of free software called Gator [ ]. This Windows only application automatically fills out forms for you and remembers your passwords.

When you arrive at a web page that has a form to be filled, or requires a login ID, account number or password, Gator surfaces and provides the information needed without typing!

Your personal data is safely stored by Gator in an encrypted file on your own hard drive, so there should be no worries there.

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