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How I Sell 1 in 30 That Visit My Site!

Is your sales letter turning 1 in 30 people into customers? If not, here’s the secrets I use to make 6 sales daily bringing in only 200 visitors. Use these money making strategies to turn your own website sales letter into a high profit cash machine.

1)A Powerful Headline That Makes A Promise

A headlines true purpose is to entice. At least that’s its job if you want visitors to read your entire sales letter.

The best way to draw readers into your sales letter and excite them is to make a promise. What great benefit will the customer learn?

Here’s how I worded one of my own headlines. Does it serve its purpose?

“Learn How to Create Huge PROFITS With Your Own High DEMAND Online Business … Start With Little or NO Money or Risk … Or Else Over $600 Worth of Bonuses are Yours FREE!”

There, in a nutshell, is my products greatest benefit and a promise that the reader will learn how to use my products best advantage to their gain. And I also make the promise that if I don’t teach the reader what I promise then I’ll give them over $600 worth of free stuff.

2) A Iron Clad Guarantee

The fastest way to remove skepticism from a potential customer is to offer them a no questions asked full money back guarantee. And when you say it, mean it. If you have a quality product you really won’t have to worry much about customers asking for a refund.

You’ll want to consider the length of the guarantee as well. Will you offer it for 10 days? Maybe 6 months? Offering a 365 day money back guarantee gives your customer the chance to really try your product out and test its effectiveness. So, the longer the chance for a refund, the more comfortable a potential customer will feel about giving you their money.

3) A Call To Action

“Order Now” is referred to as a call to action. Basically, it instructs the reader to take action now.

Ever notice on late night infomercials that every one of them has a phrase flashing on the bottom of the screen that says “Call Now”! It’s a call to action. Marketers know that you have to tell most customers what to do. Not that they’re stupid, or can’t figure it out, but people need to be told what to do. And it’s a marketing secret that sells millions of dollars in products each year.

4) A Strong Reason To Order Now

Someone that’s reading your sales letter is the most excited they’ll ever be about your product at that exact moment. Chances are they’ll never read your sales letter again. So, it’s imperative to reduce their urge to procrastinate and close the sale immediately.

Do this by showing that it will cost them if they don’t order now. “When you order today you’ll get over $600 in FREE bonuses! But you must order now, as this offer won’t last”!

Let the customer know that you could be offering different bonuses tomorrow, or maybe none at all. Maybe the price will increase. Again, they have to order now or they might lose out.

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