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How to Advertise in Ezines/Newsletters

Ezine advertising has got to be the cheapest and best form of advertising presently on the ‘Net. When trying to promote your product or Web Site, you need to sit down and think of what publications your target market is reading. The best way to keep informed of advertising opportunities or to find out ad rates is to become a subscriber yourself. Usually you will find the “how to” submit an ad at the bottom of the publication. Many of them will allow new subscribers to place a free ad for subscribing.

Other ezines usually offer ad space ranging anywhere from $5.00 to $20.00 or more depending on the amount of subscribers they have. Naturally you want to place your ad in an ezine that has a large subscriber base, as this allows you to hit more of your target market. More “bang for your buck,” so to speak.

Below are some tips that will help you in your quest for finding newsletters to advertise in:

1) The Directory of Ezines
I belong to this and still find it the best and most inclusive for finding ezine information. For anyone who is serious about promoting on the ‘Net, this is well worth the money you will spend to join. You can search by keywords, subject, only for free ads, and more. Ruth knows her stuff and this one is the “cat’s meow”.

2) Ezine Search
This is a freebie database of thousands of electronic publications. You won’t find detailed ad information, but you will find a description of each ezine and a link to the corresponding Web site and sometimes an email address to request a copy of the newsletter.

3) List of over 600 Ezines
On this page you will find titles of over 600 newsletters and a link to subscribe. The best part is, many newsletter authors will swap ads with other ezine authors so here’s your chance to send an email inquiring if they would be interested in swapping ads with you. Free advertising is always better then paid.

4) Jim at BizWeb Gazette offers a list of newsletters just send

Here you’ll find an extensive search engine that is strictly ezines. While you’re there, make sure you sign up for the highly informative newsletter.

6) List City
This auto responder will send you a list of over 39 pages of different newsletters broken down by categories and includes advertising information. To receive this valuable list, send

7) To receive a copy of The Ezine on Ezine Advertising send

Search for newsletters by subject in over 148 categories. If you offer your own newsletter, you might want to consider joining the newsletter Webring.

I’ve watched Kate’s site grow into a wonderful resource over the years. Her whole site is devoted to how to start and publish an ezine, but for our purposes the page above will tell you everything you need to know about launching a successful ezine advertising campaign.

10) DEMC
This electronic newsletter has a reputation on the ‘Net for being the best to advertise in. For 36.00 you can place a 3 line ad that will reach over 275,000 subscribers. Now that’s a lot of people.

The secret to ezine advertising is to be consistent in getting your name out there. The more people see your name/website in print, the more comfortable they will feel in purchasing your products and/or services.

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