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How To Choose High Profit Articles For Your Ezine

Selection of your e-zine articles shouldn’t only be used to inform your customer. Here’s a couple tips on choosing articles that will make your readers ready to buy!

Sure, I subscribe to newsletters in hopes of learning new tips to help my own business grow and prosper. But few seem to motivate me to the point of taking action. Using articles that inspire your readers will help create desire for any affiliate links you advertise in your e-zine.

What do I mean by motivating? I mean, pumping someone up. Filling them with dreams of how great life will be once they achieve the goals they hope to reach by subscribing to your newsletter.

If I’m publishing a newsletter on working from home, creating desire in the reader’s mind will push them further into buying products to realize their aspiration.

So what kind of articles motivate?

To answer that, think of your own dreams. What is it that you hope to accomplish from working from home, for instance. An article that details the dream will motivate. Something like an anecdote about how someone sleeps in until noon, spends a couple hours on the computer, then jets out to Hawaii to spend the weekend would motivate me to pursue a home business. It gets me excited. I’m ready to buy about anything you throw in front of me because I want the life of success the article presented.

Motivation is a strong desire. When an article creates a dream, it nearly forces the reader to take immediate action.

I use motivation everyday in my home business. The picture above my computer of a 45 foot motor home keeps me planted in this seat writing an article. One day, I plan to pay cash for that motor home, and the taste of that dream gets me through day after day. I work hard to realize it, and I’m eager to buy anything that can show me how to make money quicker.

In the next few months, after I buy my motor home, I’ll replace the picture with my next dream. Each new dream propels me harder to reach it.

And your newsletter should do the same. One week you might run an article about a women that started a business in her kitchen and made $30,000 in two months. Now she travels six months out of the year, just bought a seven bedroom home, and owns three cars and an airplane. That’s motivation! If you had an affiliate link right below the article that said I could start a high profit business by clicking on it, I’m sure I would be more inclined than I would be if I’d read an article on writing the perfect sales letter.

Not to say you shouldn’t still provide your readers with timely information. Just motivate once in awhile with profiles on people that have reached the dreams of your readers.

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