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How To Create a Risk-Free Money Making Proposition Using JV Marketing

In this article I wanted to give you something special that could help you start making money almost immediately online. Many of the Techniques I teach you and tools that I give you take a long time to start producing Internet Profits. That is just the nature of any business. It takes time to build a profitable business. You have to think long-term to own a successful business.

What I want to give you today though is often an exception to that rule. It can be used to make an almost instant success of practically any business, especially when you have all of the tools available to you online. Just about any business can do, both new and old, products or services. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is the fact that a Properly set up Joint Venture can be a Win-Win proposition for absolutely everyone involved.

If you were to think up every marketing technique that you have ever been taught, I am thoroughly convinced that this one training tip could produce more profits than ANYTHING ELSE I or anyone else could show you. It is simply that powerful!

I know you might have heard about this method of marketing before, but I want to stress the absolute importance that this could mean to you and your business. It is the easiest and quickest way to produce a positive cash flow in ANY business, including yours.

Before we go too far into this report, let us stop a minute and make sure we all understand exactly what Joint Venture Marketing is all about. Although it sounds like a difficult idea at first to learn, the whole premise behind it is extremely simple. Joint Venturing is taking the unused assets in your business (i.e. customers, advertising, products, services, knowledge, skills, etc.) and leveraging them with another non-competing company with a similar customer base to produce almost immediate profits for the both of you.

Everyone wins in this deal. Once you understand just how simple it is to take advantage of joint ventures in your business, you will wonder how you could have ever done business without this no-risk marketing strategy, no matter what business you are in.

What do you have in your business?
What is your specialty?
Who are your customers?
What else would your customers like to purchase or use?
Many times business owners never ask themselves these questions.
If you become one of them By not asking these questions, YOU could
be cheating yourself out a fortune!

An Example of How Joint Ventures Work

For this, we will just use a simple joint venture where Company A has a customer list or subscriber list…Company B has a product which is a solution to a problem that many of company A’s customers need or want.

If the Company B were to rent Company A’s mailing list with an extremely well crafted offer he may be able to sell 3% of them on his/her product. A Joint Venture comes in though if Company A decides to combine efforts with Company B and endorse the offer. In other words, they recommend the product with a satisfaction guarantee and privileged offer only to their subscribers.

This simple joint venture could produce sales rates of up to 30% or even higher! The response rate of 3% has now jumped to 30% just by having Company A & B work together. Then, they split the profits which are much higher now because of their combined efforts.

Why does the response rate jump SO much just because of the endorsement of the list owner? It is simple. The customers or subscribers have dealt with Company A for some time now…They have started to trust them. The recommendation is taken highly by them. The most powerful form of marketing is word of mouth and this is where word of mouth can come into play and practically guarantee the success of both companies involved.

This is only one example of how a Joint Venture can work. There are really infinite possibilities which can be brought into the equation to make them more successful and Risk-Free.

One Simple Technique For Finding Joint Ventures

Here is one simple technique for you to find joint ventures on your own on the internet. The internet gives a vast advantage in our marketing efforts when you learn how to take advantage of it. This specific technique is for those who have a product that they would like to sell…

Step One: Figure out and research who your targeted market is or should be.

Step Two: Go to one of the major Search Engines and search for keywords which relate to your targeted market.

Step Three: Browse the results and chose those companies which are selling similar but non-competing products to your targeted market and write down their names, addresses, and phone numbers. You are especially looking for sites which have carved out a niche in a market and have customers who trust them.

Step Four: Write a letter telling the owner of the business that you believe that their customers would greatly appreciate what you have to offer and that you would like to joint venture with them for a Win-Win Situation for everyone involved. Tell them to call you back as soon as possible so that you can explain more and work out the deal.

That is just a simple explanation of how you can start Joint Venturing. There is much more information to come…As I said before, many of the upcoming techniques don’t even require you to have a product.

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