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How To Install Pop-Up Windows

This is a marketing device that will blow your socks off! Its click-through rate will beat all of your banners, buttons and text links put together and then some. It’s called a pop-up window and it is super easy to install.

Pop-up windows are those little (sometimes not so little) windows that suddenly pop open when you are either entering or leaving a site.

They are extremely powerful marketing devices because they cannot be ignored. Your visitor must take some action when that window pops open. Even if their first reaction is a move to close the window, you have captured their attention for a second or two. If your message is strong enough, that second or two is all it takes to get a click-through.

Like to put one on your site? No problem. Installing a pop-up window is an easy task even for the HTML challenged. Just follow this simple two-step process.

First – you need to place the message you want to appear in the pop-up window on a page of your web site. Make sure this message is the only content on that page.

Second – copy and paste the following code in between the

and tags in the code of the page you want the window to pop open from.

-start of code-
<script language=”JavaScript” for=”window”
(“”, “myannouncer”,
-end of code-

Be sure to replace the “” part with the address of the page you want to appear in the pop-up window.

You can change the size of the pop-up by changing the height and width attributes. You may have to play around with this a little before you get it exactly right.
The above code will cause the pop-up to open when a visitor enters your site. You can change it to open when they leave your site by changing the “onload()” to “unload()” in the “event=” attribute.

Wasn’t that easy? You have just added a very powerful marketing tool to your site.

The uses of a pop-up window are limited only by your imagination and marketing aptitude.

They are commonly used for:

  • Announcing special promotions
  • Signing up subscribers to your ezine
  • Promoting your opt in mailing list
  • Promoting your other sites

What ever you end up using your pop-up for, it will be a strong addition to your marketing arsenal.

Bill Daugherty is the editor of the acclaimed marketing ezine “E-Power Marketing.” Subscribe free at: See Bill’s latest project at: To contact Bill:

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