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HYPE – Good or Bad?

Is all the HYPE we encounter on the Internet good or is it bad? It all depends on how the HYPE is used and the person or business using it.

Some exaggeration is necessary in advertising to attract and keep the potential customer’s attention. It is because we have been exposed to so much HYPE during our lifetime that nothing less than HYPE can draw and maintain our interest.

A comparison may be made to a person working in a very noisy environment. It takes something louder than normal to get that person’s attention.

Perhaps you need something to create peace of mind, better health, increased income, stop pain, etc. Let’s say I have something which will solve one of those problems for you. Making a simple statement that I can solve your problem will probably not get your attention.

However, by the judicious use of HYPE I can persuade you to read my advertisement and/or try my product/service. In so doing I have benefited both you and myself. In this case HYPE has been beneficial.

HYPE is bad when it leads you to believe the product or service can perform miracles, when in fact it may only perform minimally, if at all.

Examples of this are “Make $10,000.00 Dollars A Day With Absolutely No Cost To You” or “Lose 20 Pounds A Day With Our Miracle Fat Dissolver.”

It is human nature to wish to believe those types of statements. One of the greatest attributes of humanity is hope eternal. And it is on this attribute that these exaggerations have the greatest impact.

HYPE is therefore a necessary evil, which must be tempered with truth and credibility. We must, however, always view HYPE for what it is, an outright exaggeration. Knowing this we can protect ourselves by thoroughly investigating and validating all claims made.

It is up to us to separate the wheat from the chaff. There are many good products and services on the Internet which we tend to bypass because of the HYPE used in presenting them. Had we looked beyond the HYPE and thoroughly investigated the product/service, we may have found something of great value to us.

It is at this point we must use extreme caution. Some of the claims made using HYPE are so far-fetched as to be totally unbelievable. In fact, the claims are so incredible we are literally forced to check them out in order to see if they could possibly have any truth to them.

HYPE has become so commonplace on the Internet even the most conservative of businesses have had to resort to it for self-preservation. This is not to say they mis- represent their products/services. They simply have had to exaggerate the benefits these will provide for their consumers in order to compete with all the other HYPE.

There is indeed a very fine line between exaggeration and outright untruths. The gist of this article is to show there is both good and bad HYPE. It is up to us, the consumers, to use common sense and good judgment when exposed to the different types of HYPE prevailing on the Internet and elsewhere.

Good luck and best wishes!

Robert Taylor
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