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Internet Marketing: I don’t know everything – neither do you!

Internet marketing is confusing, isn’t it? It needn’t be. Over the years I’ve learned to recognise a few names – a few gurus – and I now subscribe to some great newsletters. You can do this too! Find a guru you trust, or simply subscribe to a few marketing-related newsletters; listen, and learn. And ignore the rest… for now!


Wherever you go, Internet marketing sites proclaim that they have the solution to your money-making woes! These sales-letter sites all know how to CREATE AN AVALANCHE OF SALES, all know how to SKYROCKET TRAFFIC. They all claim that they, and only they, have the answers. (Some even have answers to questions you hadn’t even thought of – now that is confusing!)

The trouble is that there are SO MANY marketing sites, and they often contain conflicting information; it *is easy* to feel confused and overwhelmed by it all. So WHAT do you believe, and WHO do you trust? And HOW do you learn?

After all, none of us know everything about Internet marketing and we all need help. And, with hard study and application on your part, some of these sites, some of these individuals, can really HELP YOU succeed online. Yes, but which ones?


Ken Evoy Corey Rudl Jim Daniels Marlon Sanders Mark Joyner Rick Beneteau : : : : (not exhaustive)

I have visited sites (and read the free newsletters) belonging to Evoy, Rudl, Daniels etc., enough times to realise that these people KNOW WHAT THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT. They understand Internet marketing, and all offer products, services and advice that shares this knowledge with you.

Don’t get me wrong! I haven’t purchased products from all of these people, but I do subscribe to their free newsletters. In actual fact, the only products I’ve bought belong to Dr Ken Evoy because he was offering information that I wanted to know at a great price – Make Your Words Sell – with a genuine and trustworthy voice!

(I have since purchased Make Your Site Sell and Site Build It!, and would recommend his products to ANYONE!)

Don’t get me wrong! (#2)

I don’t expect to be as successful as Dr Ken Evoy after reading his books. And that’s simply because I am not as clever (or hard- working) as him! (You only have to read one of his books or newsletters to know that the man is, to say the least, talented!) But I can still be MORE SUCCESSFUL on the Internet, from reading and understanding his words *and* putting them into action!

And that is the point. ALL of the above individuals are very bright, hard-working folk. They all understand Internet marketing – they know what works, and what doesn’t (and they probably have their own gurus who help them too!). They all offer to share their knowledge and skills that CAN HELP YOU be more successful online.


So who else do I turn to for advice?

Well, I subscribe to a LOT OF newsletters to do with all aspects of Internet marketing. I recommend all of the following publications which are pitched between beginner and expert.

Only subscribe to a few; but find authors or editors you feel comfortable with and trust. And then learn from them. ALL of the editors below put a lot of time and effort into their publications simply to help you succeed online! Take advantage, and learn!

So, in no particular order:

Merle’s Cyber Promotions Press —————————— “Stay on top of what’s happening in the world of Internet Marketing and Promotion and learn how to increase traffic to your own site.”

Editor: Merle Frequency: Twice a month Subscribe: mailto:subscribe@m…

JimWorld Gazette —————- “The Web’s fastest growing FREE traffic and marketing newsletter, full of the latest news on site promotion and e-commerce.”

Editor: Jim Wilson Frequency: Twice a month Subscribe: mailto:join-gazette@l…

The Sitepoint Tribune ——————— “If your business success relies on the Web, you can’t afford not to receive this newsletter!”

Editor: Matt Mickiewicz Frequency: Weekly Subscribe: mailto:subscribe@s…

Associate Programs Newsletter —————————– “Crammed with insider tips, news on affiliate programs and marketing tips.”

Editor: Allan Gardyne Frequency: Weekly Subscribe: mailto:associateprog@a…

Monday Memo ———– “Dedicated to Professionalism on the Web. It contains original articles written for this purpose…”

Editor: jl scott Frequency: Weekly Subscribe: mailto:Monday-Memo-on@M…

(Again, this list is by no way exhaustive, but it’s a start.)

It is *very easy* to unsubscribe from all the above publications. So why not try one out: I get something valuable from each!


Here are some more online resources about Internet marketing you will also find valuable:


YOU CAN succeed on the Internet, and there are many people willing to help, quite often for free! Find a few ‘voices’ that you trust, via a newsletter or website and learn from them (ignore the rest).

Don’t kid yourself, though! It takes a lot of hard (and smart) work to succeed on the Internet! But all of us can learn from others, either gurus or smaller voices like my own!

STEVE M NASH is the author of the ebook: “3 Super-Tips To
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