Sunday, April 14, 2024

Life Is Too Short

Over the Thanksgiving holiday I had the opportunity to have dinner with a dear friend of mine. She moved out-of-state a year ago to start a new job, and she was back in town visiting.

As we caught up with each other, our conversation drifted to how she was doing on her job. The job didn’t turn out the way she thought it would. In fact, she was downright miserable.

She talked about her trials with her boss, her difficulties with her staff, and how she felt out of step with the general philosophy of the company. We talked about the possibilities of her finding another job, but she felt obligated to stay due to financial considerations.

She was depressed about this because she felt trapped into staying in a position she didn’t want to be in. She hated getting up in the morning and she hated the long hours. Her focus was constantly on the weekends when she could be at home.

As I drove home after our dinner, I couldn’t help but ache for her. As I thought about her plight, I came to the conclusion that life is too short for her to be that miserable in what she was doing day after day.

And then I took a look at my own life, and I realized there were things I was doing, even in my home business, that were making me miserable. I made the decision in my car to prune away those things that are draining my life away. My life is too short to be miserable day in and day out.

Maybe you are like me and work full-time in addition to running a home business. Maybe you work full-time and are contemplating starting your own business, but things have stood in your way. Maybe you already are working full-time out of your home.

Here’s what I ask you today: Are you doing what you love? or Is what you’re doing making you miserable?

If you are doing what you love, then I applaud you. Keep doing it and gain utter fulfillment from your life.

If what you are doing is making you miserable, why do you continue to do it? If you drag yourself out of bed every morning to face what you do for a living, why not explore other options available to you? What is your passion? How can you make your living at doing your passion?

Don’t throw up your hands and say, “I can’t make a living doing what I love to do.” Figure out a way. It may take time and ingenuity, but nothing is impossible when you believe you can.

Life is too short to be miserable! The choice on how you live is up to you.

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