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New Vista Build (5342)

Recently, Microsoft released a new build of Windows Vista to testers, Build 5342. 5342 included some new stuff, like new Windows Sidebar Gadgets:

  • Calculator
  • Minesweeper
  • Number Puzzle
  • Picture Puzzle
  • Timer
  • So, all good to me. I don’t have to look for the calculator program anymore and Minesweeper is also right at my fingertips.

    The number and picture puzzle games are those sliding tile games, where you have to get the tiles in order (either by numbers or to fix a picture), and by sitting in the sidebar, you can tweak em in between waiting for pages to load. And the timer looks like an egg-timer, so it just makes me laugh.

    Some other things: The RSS headline Gadget is called the “Web Viewer”. Well, that should make Dave Winer happy. Microsoft calling RSS as the basic way of viewing web content. Also, the sidebar controls have been moved to the top.

    Frankly, maybe they should consider not having controls at all (except on hover), as it kind of ruins the effect.

    Flexbeta has a bunch of screenshots of the new build. They are really getting the glass look down perfect, with the subtler transparency and reflective surface.

    The only thing that could be cooler? If Vista used a webcam to literally give windows a reflective surface, based on whatever is in front of the monitor.

    I really don’t like Flip 3D. Don’t get me wrong, its cool, and a great way to show off windows (without ripping of Expose’), but if they can’t fix the anti-aliasing issues we’re seeing on so many systems, then don’t ship the feature. Jaggies in Windows is not a good reflection on your operating system.

    (via Slashdot)

    Computer Guru has some interesting claims that Microsoft has a few things under wraps it still hasn’t revealed.

    The most striking claim: The glass UI we’ve been seeing till now isn’t Aero Glass, that it is in fact Aero Express With Transparency, and that Aero Glass is being held back. Aero Glass will contain “fully scalable vector based transparencies that take advantage of pixel shading”.

    Other things we can expect, according to him, in this and future builds: a new transparent PNG layer for Aero Express, to pretty it up; a damn-near-perfect firewall; synchronization with Pocket PC 2000, 2002 and 2003, 3D DirectX 10 screensavers. Bug fixes: tooltips going behind the taskbar, fixed icons. Interesting claims, no one seems able to verify them.

    (via OSNews > Findory)

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