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Preparation Is Your Key To Success

“The best preparation for tomorrow is the proper use of today.”

In essence, everything in life can be compared to the task of trying to fix your own computer problems.

Learning to troubleshoot your own computer, seems a most daunting task. Yet, in reality, it is just something that takes a little time and study. I am constantly reading technical articles on the web and in magazines. I am also talking to field technicians about their own experiences. And often, when I come across a problem I have no answers for, I will call one of many computer technicians I know, to see if they may have an answer.

All in all, most information I read today, I will have no need for in the immediate future. But, two years from now, or two months from now, I will come across an issue that I have seen in the past and I will remember the solution for it.

Case in point: My mother is also a competent computer technician. She worked as a troubleshooter for a large computer company for two years. A couple of years ago, she finally got my brother to purchase a computer so that they could stay in touch across the country. As such, when he has problems with his computer, he calls my mom. She is usually able to get him back up and running in no time.

But, in one particular situation, she was stumped for an answer for more than two days. I just happened to talk to my brother on the phone and he asked me if I had any suggestions. He explained the problem to me, and presto, it hit me. I suggested he should try this and this. Thirty seconds later, he was joyfully shouting over the phone, “It works! It works!”

Now, my brother is convinced that I am a genius. But, between you and me, I am no smarter than the next person, just better prepared! The trick in this case was that I had seen it before. The first time I had come across this problem, I was stumped for six hours until I had called a technician friend of mine, and he had told me the answer.

Whatever occupation or endeavor you may pursue, this same principle will always apply. Whether you are trying to impress your boss or your customers: if you make the preparations today, and you are prepared to seize the opportunity when it arises tomorrow, you may also have the chance to personally realize, “your key to your success truly rests in the preparations you have made today.”

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