Thursday, February 29, 2024

Real Live Niche In Action!

I know we hear this everyday, “You must have a narrow niche –the narrower the better. Focus in like a laser”.

To READ about niche marketing is one thing; to SEE IT IN ACTION is, well, electrifying.

I was at a Farmer’s Market a week ago. You know, those fun places to visit in the summer.

To add to the atmosphere, a reggae band was playing on one side of the Capitol Square and an ol’ self-proclaimed 60’s hippie was playing guitar on the other side.

The place was a kaleidoscope of color with stands full of everything from vegetables, fruit, sausage, cheeses, fresh trout on ice, fresh pesto, fresh cut flowers to bakery “to die for”.

There were thousands of people bustling around. Most were buying things here and there.

Some of the stands with free samples were so crowded one couldn’t get near the place. I suspect many of them were hungry as noon was getting near!

One hawker was hollering for everyone to buy his big juicy tomatoes, “Mine are the biggest and juiciest”!

Then I saw it! Something that stood out from the crowd!

One stand had only a small table with 5 red and yellow hot chili peppers. That’s all! They were simply lined up according to their heat intensity. One unharried gentleman was tending the stand. It wasn’t all that crowded. There were no free samples of salsa and tortilla chips. There was nothing fancy.

I became so enthralled, I stood back to watch. People would stop and talk to him. The vast majority were men; men crave those super hot peppers! After several minutes, they’d walk away with their purchase–probably already tasting their next batch of fiery hot salsa!

It was quite obvious only those truly interested stopped at his stand. I just bet many of them are repeat buyers who go there specifically looking for him and his hot peppers.

Niche marketing in action, I was thinking, as my husband gently nudged my elbow and brought me out of my reverie.

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