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5 Secrets of the Authentic Entreprenuer

In the past, words like “rebel,” “driven,” “controlling”, “risk taker”, and “Lone Ranger” were routinely used to describe entrepreneurs. These rare people who ventured out on the their own were viewed as ruthless business owners completely caught up in amassing wealth, much to the detriment of a personal life. Clearly, the image was shrouded in mystique and misperception.

Today there’s a new model of entrepreneur – an “Authentic Entrepreneur.” This new breed of entrepreneur is successful because they realize that the dream of having security is simply that – a dream. They’ve discovered that real security is not financial, it is when they tap into their inner power to live purposely and to create a meaningful lifestyle, not just a business. These people are “Authentic Entrepreneurs.”

Are You an Authentic Entrepreneur? Anyone can become an Authentic Entrepreneur. It’s all a matter of perspective. Here are the top five traits Authentic Entrepreneurs have in common.

Authentic Entrepreneurs are…

1. Visionary – The old entrepreneurial model was usually a rebel. These people wanted their freedom, wanted to do “it” their way, and believed they could do “it” better than anyone else. By that definition the Authentic Entrepreneur certainly is a rebel to some degree. However, Authentic Entrepreneurs are more visionary. They see the big picture, are prophetic, and have a broad view of the life and business they’re creating.

2. Creator of Destiny – Traditional entrepreneurs are creating businesses, which is a great motivator. But once the business is created, where do you go? What’s next? The Authentic Entrepreneur is moving toward a destiny. They’re inspired by something more expansive than they could possibly create on their own. They tap into their inner power and step confidently forward. They are able to keep going in spite of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. The right people, places and opportunities appear out of nowhere to help the Authentic Entrepreneur achieve their destiny.

3. Attractor – All entrepreneurs have a dream. Some have the desire to reach a clearly defined goal, while others simply want to be an entrepreneur first and foremost. They’re forcing the growth of their idea or business, orchestrating every event and creating more action steps than humanly possible to accomplish. They’re driven. On the other hand, Authentic Entrepreneurs are Attractors. They are magnetized by their strong focus toward their destiny. The right people, places and opportunities appear out of nowhere to help. When they take action, it’s inspired and efficient.

4. Fulfilled – Many traditional entrepreneurs aggressively achieve their dreams and grow very successful businesses, yet they never feel complete. Why? Because they haven’t taken the time to truly know what’s important to them and as a result, they’ve sacrificed their health, relationships, or personal needs to grow their business. The Authentic Entrepreneur creates their business from the inside out as self-aware individuals. They understand the importance of aligning core values with their beliefs and dreams to fulfill their destiny and themselves.

5. Inspirational – Many entrepreneurs choose not to have employees or associates on their payroll, working as Lone Rangers instead. Those who do usually aren’t good supervisors. They’d rather control every event and micromanage or not manage at all. The Authentic Entrepreneur knows the importance of team spirit and how to inspire people to blossom into their most creative and meaningful life expression. If the Authentic Entrepreneur isn’t adept at managing people, they know when to let go of that area of responsibility and bring in someone who has outstanding people skills. They understand that fulfilled people are more accommodating to clients and prospects, and happier in general. As a result, business blossoms.

Whether you currently are an entrepreneur or dream of becoming one, embracing the Authentic Entrepreneur traits has many advantages. You remove the traditional entrepreneurial stigmas and allow yourself more room for growth. So if you’re ready to step forward and declare that you desire to live a meaningful and wealthy life, then it’s time to make your move. Shift your perspective and become an Authentic Entrepreneur today.

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