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Secrets to Starting Your First Ezine Article

The moment is finally here. You’re going to write your first ezine article. But do you have a sinking feeling you won’t be able to do it? Do you wonder how you’ll even start writing it?

At first I failed to recognize the symptoms. It’s one of those so-called syndromes. I call it “Writer’s Block Syndrome”.

One way it can show itself is “technical” writer’s block. Before I first started my first piece of writing, I stared endlessly into a blank Word screen, unable to type a single phrase. No writing “technique”.

After a while I toggled over to my Web page and fiddled with it for a bit. Finally, hoping for inspiration, I went to my favorite ezine directory and subscribed to three new ezines. There was no chance.

Next I went through “time-for-a-break block”. I was stiff from sitting at the computer, my eyes hurt, and my mouse clicking hand was numb. I tinkered with a wood project in the garage, checked on the weather outside, and fed the dog.

Next it was, “Refreshments, anyone?” I made coffee. I went to the pantry for cookies. Finding none there, I looked for the car keys.

I stopped myself. What’s wrong with me? I wondered anxiously. Then it hit me. I had fears about this whole idea.

Did I really want to do this? Someone might read it. Someone who got better grades in tenth grade English. Someone who’d realize I didn’t know much about my topic.

Now I was on to something. My “writer’s block” was nothing more than “writer’s fear”. Knowing this I could move on. And you can overcome these fears too. Read on.

Why did you decide to write, anyway? Perhaps you’ve been surfing for dollars a while and know there’s more to it than mindless submitting to classifieds, free for all links pages, and search engines.

Maybe you want to enjoy the status of ezine publishing. Maybe you want the free advertising that comes with writing for ezines.

Now that you’ve figured that out, start your career the easy way: write what you know. Figure out what you already know how to do in this business, and tell it your way.

For instance, if you’re into auto submitting, mass emailing, or search engine ratings, tell their advantages and disadvantages. Tell what you like best and least about them. Include a horror story or a recent triumph.

Once you break the barrier, you’ll want to learn more things to write about. Explore topics that interest you. Read junk email, search the classifieds, and surf the net.

Most importantly, read. Ezine articles are your main source of information. Read the ezines you subscribe to. Observe how others write. Discover the best and the worst authors. Learn from them how and how not to reach your readers.

Then practice your craft. First talk to your spouse, family, friends, your dog. They’ll tell you what they think. Well, not your dog, but she’ll loyally wag her tail.

Write a paragraph or two, each with two or three sentences that cover a single point. Read your sample to your loyal audience. Email it to some friends and ask for comments.

Suddenly the words will flow freely. Two paragraphs will grow into three, then four. Subtopics will surface. You’ll recall more of your own experiences.

Knowledge about your topic will gel in your mind. Soon you’ll find a fresh slant on your information.

New subjects will springboard from the first one, and you’ll begin thinking about new articles. While researching your next piece, you’ll be happily submitting to publishers.

Happy writing!

Brian Moore publishes ‘BizOps Secrets’, a complete ezine resource for online success. AllPro BizOps, Proven Business Secrets That Work Online.

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