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See Yourself as a Winner!

Whether or not you follow baseball, I’m sure you’ve heard of the New York Yankees baseball team. This team won the World Series three years in a row in 1998, 1999, and 2000, in addition to the many other wins from years past.

The baseball playoffs were played during October, 2001. The Yankees made it to the playoffs because of their winning record during the season. The first hurdle they had to get over in order to play in the 2001 World Series was the American League Championship.

When the American League Championship started, the first two games were played at Yankee Stadium. Teams rarely won on Yankees’ home turf. But the Yankees lost the first two games of the league championship.

The odds were not in the Yankees’ favor. They had lost the first two games, and they were headed to another stadium in front of other fans to continue play. Some of the sports news coming out already had the Yankees losing the league championship. A number of teams at this juncture would have given up hope of winning.

I found it interesting that whenever Yankee players were interviewed, never once did they even hint that they might lose. They looked back over their season record. They looked around at the caliber of their fellow players. They looked inside themselves. All they talked about was how they were going to win.

And win they did. They won the final three games of the league championship and advanced to the division championship. They eventually made it to the World Series because they saw themselves as winners.

Here’s a million dollar question for you – how do you see yourself? Do you see yourself as a winner, especially in your online business?

A winner:

1) Hangs in until success breaks through.

2) Remembers past victories and knows victory will come again.

3) Looks at rough circumstances as opportunities for growth.

4) Thinks success, speaks success, acts success.

5) Helps others succeed.

If you want to make it to the next level in business, then you will need to see yourself as a winner!

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