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600,000 subscriptions at $12.00 each!

Rule number one. Basic human nature never changes. Keep that in mind.

The idea that I’m about to present to you could be a booklet, it could be E-book, or an E-mail newsletter that people pay to receive, or it could be members only website that people pay to belong to. But what’s really important, it could be a writers dream come true.

This article should really make you think. The numbers that I am going to share with you are quite impressive.

Back in the mid 1970’s a married couple had an idea, they would publish a newsletter about contests and how to win contests. Contests seemed to be really popular, so why wouldn’t a newsletter that’s all about contests also be popular.

With that, their newsletter was born. They published information about how to find contests, how to win contests, and they also searched for contests and shared them with their subscribers.

Their newsletter became popular and in no time they had 8,000 subscribers at $8.00 each. (this was the 70’s mind you) Things were going really well, and the subscriber list grew and grew and grew. At one time they had over 600,000 paid subscribers, and by then the subscription price was $12.00.

Part of their success was due to a partnership with a marketing expert, but the point that I am trying to make is that 600,000 people handed over their hard earned money to subscribe to this little newsletter.

This was long before the power of the internet could be used to match up buyers and sellers. Today, it’s so much easier to reach people in any given market.

Things change, but human nature stays the same. The same basic desire that drove those people to subscribe to that newsletter back then is still alive and well today, and it is waiting to be tapped by you or some other enterprising mind. Can you think of a product that you can create and sell like crazy that will appeal to this market? There have to be dozens of options.

The numbers alone should really make you think. What other subject could attract those kinds of numbers? Actually there are many. Pick one and do the research.

That’s the beauty of the internet, you can actually see how much of an interest there is in a subject before you expend a lot of time and energy.

You can earn thousands of dollars with just one homemade booklet or E-book. For more ideas stop by the message board at and join the discussion.

Michael J. McGroarty is the author of the E-book, “The Step by
Step Internet Success Formula” and the popular website, Stop by today and sign up
his FREE newsletter, “How to Really Make Money on the Internet”

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