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The Beauty of Difference

Every morning I start my day with some quiet time in my office. I have a nice comfy recliner I curl up in with my cup of coffee. My chair faces the window to east, so every morning I get to watch the day dawn.

Some mornings I am there so early that the sun hasn’t risen yet. I enjoy watching the stars twinkle in the pre-dawn. Slowly the sun begins to rise, and light begins to push back the darkness. The process is fascinating.

Some mornings I am treated to a spectacular sunrise scene. The colors bouncing off the nearby clouds give me a pleasing light show. I watch the colors change from pink to purple to orange to yellow.

Other mornings it’s stormy outside, and all I see are storm clouds angrily racing across the sky. There’s magnificence in the power of the storm as it marches through affecting everything around.

And then there are the mornings where nothing particularly spectacular is going on. The sky is clear, and as the sun rises, it quietly bursts forth onto the scene lighting the earth.

I sat there in my quiet chair enjoying the view outside my window recently and realized how blessed I am to look out the same window and see so many different skies. Each sky, so very different, has its own intrinsic beauty. The skies don’t try to look like each other. They don’t try to be anything they are not. They are different, and they are beautiful.

The dictionary defines difference as:

* The quality or condition of being unlike or dissimilar.
* A specific point or element that distinguishes one thing from another.
* A noticeable change or effect.
* Discrimination in taste or choice; distinction.

Each one of us is different. Each of us has our own personality, talents, gifts, and ideals. When we take what is uniquely us and use it to build our businesses, we end up with products or services that are noticeable, distinguished, and distinct. And there is tremendous beauty in that.

Don’t try to be like everyone else you see. Take time to find out what your passion is and pursue it. Find that element in you that makes you stand out from the crowd and develop it. Do not be afraid to be unique. As you nurture your individuality, your business will be noticed because no one can do it just like you.

There is beauty in difference.

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