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The Real Secret To Getting Traffic!

Most people have no idea how to get traffic to their sites. But, if you apply what I’m about to reveal, you’ll be one of the few who never has to worry about traffic again.

The first thing you need to know, is that the traffic hype is just that, hype.

Forget about the click exchanges. You know the sites where each time you visit another member’s page, you earn a credit that guarantee’s someone will visit yours. Yes, you will get hits, but they’ll be worthless. The only reason these people are coming to your site is to get people to come to theirs.

Forget the FFAs too. Maybe five or six years ago they worked, but not anymore.

Okay, so what does work? CONTENT! Good content is what brings people who are interested in a particular subject to a site. Your site needs to have a theme, with loads of content about that theme. All of the promotion in the world will do nothing, if you don’t have something to pull your visitors in and keep them.

If I’m looking for information about Java programming, I search for sites on that topic. If I come to a two page site, I’ll stay for a bit if the information is really good. However, how long do you think I’ll stay? How many times do you think I’ll come back? How many people do you think I’ll refer it to. Do you suspect I’ll link to it.

The sites that have repeat visitors, get recommend often, and have tons of links pointing to them, are sites that offer valuable information, and lots of it.

This is why forums are so successful, there is fresh content everyday. I actually have my home page set to my favorite forum. There is another site that offers a free programming tutorial, that I go back to over and over again, because there is way to much infomation to take in all at once. And this is only one of their many tutorials.

So get busy building your site around a theme. Add good fresh content every chance you get. Getting traffic is easy when your site is worthy of it.

Tom Busch has an internet marketing resource
site and publishes the Internet Power Player

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