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U.N. Behind “Hunger Bytes” YouTube Contest

The competition has a slightly goofy name – “Hunger Bytes” – and a strange logo – a globe with two pointy teeth.  But this YouTube-centric contest is for a good cause, and it’s backed by the United Nations World Food Program.

Hunger Bytes “[P]roduce the funniest, strangest or edgiest 30 or 60 second video about hunger,” challenges the Hunger Bytes channel.  “This is your chance to be controversial, provocative and shocking – whatever it takes – to make a video that will grab the attention of the on-line community and get them thinking about world hunger.”

Although no official connection has been made clear, this effort is likely related to the MDG Monitor site Google, Cisco, and the U.N. unveiled earlier this month.  A line might also be drawn to the Beatbullying channel launched on YouTube – it seems that all sorts of well-meaning projects can be connected to Mountain View.

Unfortunately, “well-meaning” is not a synonym for “extremely successful,” and it remains to be seen if this latest contest’s grand prize can generate many entries.  “The video that gets the most views by World Hunger Day – October 16, 2008 – will win a trip for two to visit the frontline in the war against hunger,” according to the Hunger Bytes channel.  “We will send you to a WFP hunger relief project so you can see for yourself that Hunger Bytes!”

In any event, the Hunger Bytes contest will hopefully accomplish some good.




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