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10 Ways To Convert A Visitor Into An Affiliate!

1. Make your affiliate program free to join. This also means without having to actually buy the product or service.

2. Give them a no cost bonus to join. It could be a free ebook, e-report, software, etc. The bonus should be closely related to the product or service.

3. Offer them 50% commission or more. People have been branded their whole life that 50/50 is a fair deal.

4. Limit the number of affiliates you accept. People will feel like they have a better chance to earn more commissions without a lot of competition.

5. Remind your visitors that they can become an affiliate then buy your product. They will receive a discount and receive commission.

6. Flash your affiliate program offer in front them repeatedly. Persuade them to subscribe to your ezine and place your offer on every page of your site.

7. Explain to your visitors it’s a limited timed offer. Tell them that after you reach a certain number of affiliates, it will cost money to become an affiliate.

8. Publish testimonials and endorsements from your affiliates. Your offer will be extra effective if they are from well known people your visitors respect.

9. Show your potential affiliates a picture of a large actual check you paid one of your tops affiliates. It could also be one of their actual stat pages.

10. Ask your potential affiliates questions that will persuade them to sign up like: “Would you like to be able to retire before you’re 40?”

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