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10 Ways To Make Money With Information!

1. Provide free, original content on your web site or in your e-zine. You can make money from people who want to advertise.

2. Charge a fee for your web site’s content or e-zine. You could charge a one time fee, monthly fee or a yearly fee.

2. Bundle your content together in an e-book format. You could sell it as a download, on a disk or on a cd-rom.

3. Publish a free e-book that other people could give away. You could make money by advertising your other products in the ebook.

4. Sell the reprint rights to your information product. You could sell the rights to resell it and the rights to resell the reprint rights.

5. Charge a fee for your advice or expertise. Send it out via e-mail. You could charge a one time fee or a monthly fee.

6. Ask for money to keep your information free. Try to set up some kind of donation fund. This only works if you have a loyal audience.

7. Offer people part of your information for free in return for them agreeing to buy in the future. Ex: “2 FREE eBooks If You Buy Just 1 In A Year”

8. Give part of your content or e-book away as a free sample. Advertise the whole ebook inside the free e-book. If they like the sample they will buy.

9. Write articles and submit them to e-zines and web sites. You could charge businesses for mentioning their web site in your articles.

10. Summarize and link to other content online. You can make a membership site, ebook or report out of them. Just get the copyright holders permission first.

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