Wednesday, April 17, 2024

“We Were Taught To Say ‘Thank You’… Have We Forgotten HOW?”

When you get an order, do you remember to say Thanks to your customer? If someone requests information from you, or even your autoresponder, does the message they get say Thanks? Do any of your replies say Thank you?

Saying those two little words, “Thank You”, could be one of the keys to getting new customers, or getting return visitors. Return visitors could become return, buying customers. Even if they only ask for information, or download free gifts from your site, they deserve to be acknowledged. If they take the time to visit, and you’re aware of it,why not take the time to tell them you appreciate it?

If you can, try to ‘personalize’ it. Why? Because we are humans, and humans have egos, and egos like to be stroked, to be recognized. What better way than to use the person’s name? Many times, this just isn’t possible, but for those times when it is, Just Do It!

For instance, one ezine comes to mind, that I get every week. One line in the newsletter says, “Hello BJ, Thank you so much for taking the time to read this newsletter.”

Now, this particular ezine has around 2000 subscribers, so you know darn well that the publisher just doesn’t have the time to put each of his subscriber’s names on their copies of the ezine. But he still says, “Thank you.” And you know what? Even though he, or his list manager, probably used a CGI script of some kind to ‘mail merge’ our names into the newsletter, it still tickles my ego. I’ll bet it does yours, too!

This man took the time to see that all his subscribers received a Thank You.

Have you thanked YOUR customers…Lately?
Think about it!

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