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What Marketing Approaches Will Work For Your Company?

As you carefully consider the importance of the marketing strategies and approaches you choose in reaching your target audience, what message do you hope to communicate to your potential purchasers and clients? Perhaps you are perplexed as to what approach would be most appropriate to your particular type of business, which is of course understandable. With so many ways and means available to choose from, it’s often perplexing to know which will work best for you.

The quality of your product or service must of course speak for itself but for the purpose of increasing traffic and generating sales, the key to building business via the Internet is to ascertain the right concept and then skillfully executing your marketing strategies.

Regardless of whether your business is a small Mom and Pop type atmosphere or a larger than life organization, your approach and strategy must be of the highest caliber to reach your target audience. Professionalism is the key! In the preliminary stages of your company you may have put together a proposal in the hopes of gaining financial support. Potentially you then went on and constructed a business plan so that an investor would take an interest in your venture. Now that you’ve started your business and tested your product or service, you are ready for the next level, which encompasses the preparing of a marketing strategy. In other words, preparing an approach that highlights the various methods you’ll use in approaching your target market. By researching and preparing for each stage of your development you’ll avoid the pitfalls that occur as a result of moving forward prematurely.

The bottom line is that no one method can guarantee your success. Often there is a trial and error period in finding the perfect path to follow or the ideal strategy for your particular product or service. Critically important is presenting your product or service in a way that conveys a message of professionalism and credibility. It has long been a fundamental business principle that if your product is of the highest quality, easy to acquire and less costly to the consumer, customers are going to buy that product and will return again and again. For the most part that’s definitely true but there are a few other considerations that are critical to the success of your business. While there are countless methods and approaches that you can take in reaching your goals, my experience has shown that the very first thing to consider is that all your presentation materials should be of the highest caliber. That doesn’t mean they have to be expensive, but be aware that you represent yourself every time you pass out a business card or write a letter to a potential customer. Therefore you are always marketing yourself. Be sure that the tools you use are professionally and skillfully prepared.

Opportunities for the growth of your company are enormous but can potentially be expensive. Consequently you may want to consider using the following for marketing your product or service. These few ideas are the least expensive and often the most effective in reaching your target audience.

1. Prepare a good press release
While there are no guarantees that an editor will pick up your story, the potential is staggering. All you need is one editor who is interested in your story and you’ve hit the bull’s eye. Overall, a press release is one of the least expensive methods for promoting your company, product or service.

2. Write articles
Sharing your area of expertise and the reasons your product will benefit the masses is a great way to market yourself. Make sure the article is useful to those who read it. Every good e-zine is constantly looking for potentially interesting and important articles to feature. Writing articles gives you an opportunity to advertise for free while building credibility.

3. Be sure to Include a BIO
Including a good bio on your web site about you and your company allows your customers or clients an opportunity to know you. Write it in the third person. You don’t want your bio to sound autobiographical, but you do want your audience to develop a level of trustworthiness.

4. Creating a Web Site
If it means paying a little bit more, make sure you have a good webmaster to create your web site. You want to be sure your web site represents you in a manner that conveys all of the above namely credibility, trustworthiness and professionalism.

5. E-mail Communication
Introduce yourself via e-mail. I don’t mean writing those tacky letters that are pure promotional hype. I mean constructing a very professional letter that targets those who may have an interest in your product. A well constructed letter is worth its weight in gold.

To encapsulate, it is unmistakable that the marketing approaches and strategies available are extensive but in order that you attract the target market you’re eager to draw to your site, you must maintain a competitive edge by choosing professionalism. Above all, be sure to provide an enhanced level of customer-oriented service. Nothing draws clients to your business more effectively than providing the most advanced and best possible customer service. If you wish to position yourself in the forefront, the primary key in getting a positive reception to your product or service is through providing flawless customer service.

Charlene Rashkow brings 15 years of experience as a Writing Stylist and Author to her creative efforts as a freelance business writer/consultant. She has successfully helped companies and individuals reach their objectives by writing outstanding press releases, bios, articles of interest, business plans, resumes, web site content and all other forms of marketing material. To speak with Charlene you may contact her at or write her at You can also call her directly at (310) 514-4844

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