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Why You Need To Offer a Free E-book

If you have a website or e-zine, here’s how to explode traffic, increase signups, and multiply your profits with very little work.

Hard to believe, right? But let me prove it:

I created my e-book about a week ago. Since I introduced it to the masses I’ve watched my traffic explode, profits come pouring in, and the rate subscribers sign up for my newsletter has tripled.

With a free e-book, you’re going to see many benefits to giving it away for free.

First, I let people know I’m giving away a free e-book in all my classifieds and articles. People love to get free stuff, so they come to my site to grab the goods. This has created a surge in traffic to my site.

Second, it’s targeted traffic coming to my website because the title of my e-book is “Secrets of Hard-Hitting Copywriting”! People that come to my site to get their free book are interested in learning how to write better copy. Then, my site revolves around how they can have better copy for their website.

Third, my sign up rate for my free newsletter has increased because people have more motivation to sign up. They’re getting two things for free with their subscription. Not only a newsletter, but an e-book too.

And fourth, I allow people to give my book away for free. So now they’re out there giving my book away that’s set up with links to my site. Again, this is creating a surge in traffic to my site.

I really want you to understand the power here:

Let’s say you’re bringing in 30 people a day to your website. I know these are low numbers. But I want you to understand the power here.

Now, by introducing a free e-book, it would be easy to bring in 100 or more a day, instead of the 30 you’re used to. This is because they’re getting something for free so more people will come.

So, you have 100 people a day. And you have an e-zine that you offer. With the free e-book you’re offering to subscribers let’s assume you get 70 people signed up each day for your newsletter.

Then, out of those 70 people, let’s assume that 20 decide to give your e-book away that’s loaded with links to your website. Each of those 20 people gives the e-book away to 70 people too. So, within a very short period your website address is in front of 1,400 people. And that’s off one day’s work.

Just think about the kind of traffic you can be getting within a week? Or a month? The results of this are staggering. In fact, the first week I introduced this little gem I brought in over $1,000 in business. Pretty incredible, right? And it’s just getting started.

Bottom line, you need to offer a free e-book. Get to work today and create your masterpiece. You’ll reap the rewards for years off a job that only takes days.

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