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You Can’t Help But Succeed

It is funny the way our minds work. Our conscious mind deals with the world, accepting, rejecting, sorting, storing, forming opinions and generally letting us get on with out lives. But beneath that there is a powerful force that we ignore at out peril.

Our subconscious mind can be an incredibly useful tool, or a hidden enemy. It doesn’t care either way.

The subconscious runs as a background program. Its main purpose seems to be to make things happen. Anything that it perceives as a requirement to your continued wellbeing.

Unfortunately, it has no ability to make a value call beyond the limited feedback it gets from your consciousness.

How does this work? Lets us assume that you are painfully shy. Something may have happened to you at the age of five to make you embarrassed in public. Your subconscious has observed that event ‘x’ produced unwanted response ‘y’ so forever after alters its programming to minimize the risk of you being exposed to event ‘x’ again.

Another example. All your life you have heard people saying that business success is ‘risky’, that so-and-so lost his home after a business failed, that Joe down the road worked so hard building his business that his wife and kids left him. What does your subconscious do with this input? It tries to protect you from suffering the same fate by making you uneasy about success, suspicious about winning.

So when you are in a position to take a step towards your own personal success, something holds you back.

In this way, the subconscious always succeeds. You may perceive consciously that you have failed, but your subconscious has succeeded in its aims.

We are all filled with negative programming and are busy succeeding at any number of things that may not match our conscious desires.

Is this all bad? Not at all! When our subconscious drives match our conscious desires there can be no stopping us. When we can drive forward with no doubts, no little voices in the back of our heads telling us that this project or that idea is too big, there is almost no limit to what we can achieve.

But how can we bring our two minds into harmony?

It is just a matter of reprogramming to get rid of the bugs.

One of the earliest ideas was to repeat several times each day, ‘Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.’ You feel stupid, I admit, but it works.

Another idea is to relax in a quiet room (I lay on my bed) and imagine that you are very slowly descending in an elevator. Imagine that each floor brings you closer to your subconscious. See each floor clearly in your mind’s eye.

When you get to the bottom (mine is always five floors down), mentally walk through silent corridors until you come to a room filled with a giant movie screen. Sit down and see a movie begin. This movie is one you direct. It is your conscious mind telling your subconscious what it want to achieve.

If you want to run a successful web site, see yourself doing just that. Feel how it feels, see how you achieved it, feel your success and revel in it. Make this the best movie you have ever seen.

When you have done, mentally walk back to the elevator and take the ride back up to the top of your mind.

Do this every day and your subconscious will soon begin working diligently to make it happen. Your doubts will melt away and your enthusiasm will be multiplied.

If this sounds like mumbo-jumbo to you, please suspend your judgment and give it a try.- it costs nothing and cannot hurt you. In fact, if nothing else, you end up feeling wonderfully relaxed.

This method is one simple way to begin to reprogram the power of the subconscious to work for you rather that against you. It works by allowing you to channel your conscious life in a more focused way without being dissipated by self-doubt.

After a very short time you will truly be saying, ‘Every day, in every way I am getting better and better.’

Martin Avis is the author of the best-selling ‘Unlock the Secrets of Private Label eBooks’ – a complete blueprint to private label rights success. Visit to see how you can tap into this goldmine for yourself.

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