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Your 2002 PR Plan Blueprint

Incorporate the ideas below into your 2002 PR strategy. Declare yourself an expert. Back it up with your knowledge.

1.) Secure Six National Magazine Writeups

National magazines are created months in advance. Submit your press releases to them now. Select six magazines you would like to be featured in. Study the articles closely. Contact them to request their editorial calendar and writers guidelines.

2.) Monthly Local Writeups and Spotlights

Watch your local news and read all of your local newspapers. When you come across a news item that you can tie in with your business, fax a quick story suggestion to their news room. Make a list of the contact names along with their fax numbers. Keep it near your fax or computer.

3.) Syndicated a Column

Create a Q&A business or consumer column. Syndicate it. Offer it as free content to publishers. Remember to stipulate that your resource box — 3 line bio along with contact information — remains intact. Copyright your column.

4.) Publish an Ebook

Share your knowledge by publishing an ebook. If you don’t have enough time to crank out a masterpiece with endless chapters, publish an ebooklet or release one chapter every month.

5.) Get a Professional Media Kit Designed

Make yourself and your site media friendly. Reporters are busy people. They really appreciate it when you make it easier for them to develop their stories. Hire someone to design a professional media kit that spotlights your expertise . Whenever you are contacted for an interview, offer to send your media kit to help the reporter develop their story angle. Place the contents the media kit on your site. Reporters are always surfing the web for innovative entrepreneurs to profile.

6.) Repackage Your Products and Services

Revamp your products and services every three months to emotionally appeal to your target audience. “Package” two or more of them to fill a particular need or want. Give the “package” an attractive name based on the need or want that it satisfies. Create a press release to announce your new “package”.

7.) Partner with Three or More Businesswomen to Create Joint Press Releases

Open yourself up to several new audiences by partnering with three or more businesswomen to write joint press releases. Select noncompetitive businesswomen who cater to your target audience. Report niche online news related to interest to your target audience. There are a lot exciting news happening within the online women’s community. Share it with the offline world.

8.) Create an Online Award to Boost Traffic

Offer your visitors the chance to win an online award — the most resourceful site; online volunteerism; best site design; etc. Stipulate that the graphic award must be linked back to your site. Craft a press release to promote your award program.

9.) Develop a Monthly Tip Newsletter

Experts give away tips to demonstrate their skills. It keeps their business on their target audience’s mind. Put out a quick one paragraph newsletter every month.

10.) Turn Your Web Site into a Community Resource for Your Target Audience

PR savvy businesswomen build an audience of followers around them who need their products and services. They might not need you today but one day soon they will need to hire you. Offer them real membership benefits — networking, discounts, newsletterd, advertising, etc. — on your site.

Jerrilynn B. Thomas, owner of the Women’s News Bureau
( and Women’s Media Desk
(, specializes in PR makeovers. If you would
like a PR makeover to make yourself more newsworthy, contact her at
jerrilynnb@w… . Businesswomen are invited to
submit their news and articles to the Women’s Media Desk.

Copyright 2001 by Savvy Atlanta Female Entrepreneur

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