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A Plan is Beginning

To accomplish something, you must plan to accomplish something. That seems so very obvious, however, most folks in this world get only so far as to plan to plan something! There is even a saying about a road to an unpleasant destination being paved with good intentions”. People intend to sit down, think their lives through, set goals and create action plans. For most, it just never happens. Do not let that depress you. Better yet, do not let that BE you!

Desire, when harnessed, is power. Failure to follow desire, to do what you most want to do, paves the way to mediocrity. Success requires heart and soul effort, and it takes desire. The only way to use your power is to go right ahead and do what you say you want to do.

When you surrender yourself to your worthwhile goals, your clear focus brings with it physical power, energy and enthusiasm. Your subconscious mind continuously works on the goal. When you spend a few minutes each day or week reviewing your goals, the subconscious mind is reinforced. When you affirm your willingness to bring your goals into your reality, you strengthen the subconscious mind, too. That’s why affirmations work.

Goals, intense goals, can keep a person alive when nothing else will. You’ve all heard of people who lived beyond expectation because they wanted to see a child graduate from college, a wedding, or other important occasion. The mind is VERY powerful. Goals can help you to live longer. No medicine in the world is as powerful in bringing about long life, as is the desire to accomplish something.

Keep It in MIND!

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