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Action – The Most Important Secret To Online Success

There are two kinds of people: those who talk, and those who act after they talk.

Every new client I meet asks me the same question: “How can I REALLY make money on the Internet?” Of course, everyone expects a “magic bullet” – something that I am going to reveal that has never been said or published before.

The truth is, practically every online marketing technique can turn out to be successful IF you actually use it, and use it consistently, with careful planning.

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard people say, “Oh, I have to finish my web site. I am going to do it this weekend!” Months go by and they just keep saying the same thing.

They talk and they dream, and they go back and forth from one idea to another, but never actually sit down and DO it. And that’s the most important secret of all: stop talking and just do it.

Now, I am not saying that planning is not important. On the contrary, thoughtful planning can pay off in the long run. But it shouldn’t take any longer than it absolutely has to.

Let me give you an example.

I have recently decided to create an e-book. Important issues had to be thought through before the actual writing process:

– does my target market understand the concept of e-books – should I give it away free or charge for it – how am going to use the list of people who download it to profit (if free) – will I need a new web site to promote this e-book – what are going to be my back-end products and services – how am I going to be able to reach my audience – what specific issues should I discuss in my e-book

Absolutely essential questions, they had to be answered before I wrote a word of my new e-book. While I could take months planning and deciding on these issues, I spent one weekend coming up with a good marketing plan by answering each of the questions on my list. Within 3 weeks my e-book was ready, AND I knew how it’s going to make me money.

Once in a while I find myself looking for an excuse not to do something: not to write an article, not to work on the next issue of my newsletter, not to send out partnership proposals…

When this happens, I try to analyze the reason.

As a rule, it happens because the task is either too time-consuming (which means I have to find a way to automate it) or I simply don’t know the step-by-step procedure of doing it and find excuse not to sit down and learn.

For example, I never got to learn how to use WebPosition Gold, the Search Engine optimization software. When I pin-pointed the reason (steep learning curve) I immediately chose another, a more fast and convenient way of optimizing and submitting my web pages.

So if you don’t feel like doing something in your business, find out the reason. Is it because:

– it’s too hard? – it’s too time-consuming? – you don’t know how to do it? – you don’t enjoy the subject? – you truly lack the time?

When you narrow down the true reason for your lack of action, try to find an alternative. For example, hire someone else to do it for you or drop less profitable parts of your business and use that time to complete this important task.

Think “action” – because if you don’t act, you will never know if your idea was, indeed, a profitable one.

Milana Nastetskaya is a full time web developer and the author of the “65 Instant Web Design Answers”.

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