Monday, June 17, 2024

Are FFA Pages A Waste Of Time?

It has been my experience that FFA pages are almost a complete waste of time. I have submitted to literally thousands of FFA pages and the only responses I have received have either been advertisements from the owners of the FFA pages or confirmations that my link had been placed on their page.

There are those who state they get ten or more hits a day by posting to FFA sites. That was through selective posting and analyzing the results they were getting from specific sites. Therefore, if you have the inclination to analyze all your results and narrow them down to specific sites, your chances of getting traffic from posting to FFA sites is greatly enhanced.

Most of us do not have the time, means or willingness to apply a scientific approach to using FFA pages. This leaves us with basically empty hands when it comes to getting hits from our postings.

There are just too many FFA blasters which automatically submit your link (and the links of tens of thousands of others) to numerous FFA pages. This rapidly pushes your link completely off the page.

Some of the FFA blasters claim that your link will be seen by hundreds of thousands of people. I cannot see how this is possible. Assuming that 99.9% of all links are posted automatically by submission software, very few people are viewing the FFA pages. So who is seeing your link?

Others claim to overcome this shortcoming by sending your advertisements to everyone who posts a link to your FFA page. They also suggest you obtain a free email address because of the massive amount of messages you will be receiving.

The odds are that neither you nor anyone else has enough time to read these thousands of messages flooding your free email address on a daily basis. Being only human, you check your free email address and spend a few minutes deleting all the messages with which it has been flooded. All you have done is clear it for the next deluge.

You are not reading these messages, so why would you think anyone else is taking the time to read them? There are many variations of the FFA scheme in which explanations are given to show that people will in fact be reading your messages. A careful consideration of these schemes show that you will be receiving in your personal email messages from a select few above you in the scheme, and you are free to send messages to all those who have signed up under you.

In summary, I have found posting to FFA pages to be a complete waste of my time. You can get far better results by subscribing to a few really good ezines targeted toward your products/services and advertising in them.

There are also a few quality ezines which provide free ads for their subscribers. Granted, it takes more effort to write a good ad and submit it to an ezine. However, you get much better results than from submitting to FFA pages.

It all comes back to the old axiom that you get what you pay for. Are you getting what you are paying for?

I wish you the greatest success. Persist!

Robert Taylor
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