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Basic Tips To Start -And Succeed- On The Internet.

Thousands of small business start up on the Internet every day, but most of them are bound to fail from the very beginning.

Now, why is that? And what can be done about it?

Below I have created a short list to make your on line business succeed.

1) Find a niche market

First you need to find a subject where you can build your whole business -be it a web site or newsletter- around.

If you know a lot about car insurances or hiking, create a web site around it and find an affiliate program that will pay you out a good commission.

Of course it’s better to sell your own product, like an information product -or E-book. Information products sell great on line, and will certainly bring you good money.

Tip: Don’t know how to create an E-book? You can get one for free at:

2) Get your own unique domain name

Don’t go for the cheap. Be professional, and get your own original domain name. Pick one that makes you stand out from the rest.

There are many cheap domain name registrars around these days, and for a few bucks a month you can set up your own web site with a web hosting company.

Tip: Here’s a service where you can register a domain name for only 13.50$:

Once your web site is ready and all the meta tags are put in place, you can submit it to the biggest search engines by hand. This will give your web site listing the best result.

Tip: Use the free RankPilot service to see if you’re listed. Go here:

If you’re not listed, re-submit your site. But allow a few weeks before you do this. Some search engines take more time than others to get your pages listed.

3) Make your site interesting

You should put lots of original content and helpful tips on your site, make your pages easy to navigate, and be sure to collect email addresses of your visitors to grow a list of prospects.

Following up on your potential -or future- clients is the only way to succeed.

Stay in touch with your audience, and ask them to sign up to your mailing list in return for something free.

Tip: You can give your new subscribers a free report you wrote about the subject of your experience.

Remember that your opt-in list is your gold mine. Always provide your subscribers with interesting value in your mailings, so they will see you as an expert and start trusting you.

Gaining trust from your prospects is essential and will make your web business successful!

4) Set up an affiliate program

If you sell your own product, this is the best way to skyrocket your income. Offer your resellers a fair commission, like 40-50% on every sale they make.

Be sure to offer all the necessary ad copy, banners and buttons, and make it easy to let them sign up.

Tip: You can -just like I did- use Clickbank to set up your affiliate program. It’s very simple, and you can have everything set up for you in only a few minutes. Click below to learn more:

5) Don’t bet on only 1 horse

Once your business has taken off, you should find and sell other products that match with your own product. A great way to do this is to set up a joint venture with another business owner.

Try to find web sites that match your target and swap links, exchange ads in your newsletters, etc…

Never be afraid to co-operate with your competitors. You will soon learn that both of you will benefit from a joint venture.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to ask others for help. Everyone had to learn somewhere, and most people will be happy to help you with your problem or share their experiences.

These are only a few steps to consider, but when you follow these basic rules, I’m confident that your on line adventure will succeed!

Good luck!

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