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Call Action

Call Action

Call ([“Frame Label”])
Frame Label – identifies the frame that contains the actionscript being called.

Example uses:
Reuse actionscripting from other parts of your movie

You can reuse any actionscript on any timeline in your movie provided it’s been labelled with a unique label. This helps you maintain clean code and minimised the editing time. Variables to be used in the frame being called, must be established using the Set Variable action.

In the advanced example below the variable ‘consider’ is created by assigning it the information from a text field, ‘userinput’. Next the frame ‘makedecision’ is called and the variable ‘consider’ is used in the caculations in ‘makedecision’ which outputs a variable called ‘decision’. Finally the movie jumps to the frame ‘decision’ to give the user feedback. (It not as hard as it seems!)

You must also ensure that the frame being called has been loaded otherwise the Call action will be ignored.

Basic Example:

Call ("Start") 

Advanced Example:

On (Release)  Set Variable: "consider" = userinput  Call ("makedecision")  Go to and Play (decision) End On

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