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Changing Webhosts

Changing web hosts was once a very daunting task. There was so many little details involved with moving that it was not done very often. We have compiled a checklist that will help make your Web host transfer a little easier.

The first thing you need to is research the company you will be
transferring to.

What services do they offer?

Are those services comparable to the services you have now? Note: Never go for a host with less services unless you are sure you will not need them.

Where are they located?

If you have a business page that points to your actual physical location, you should try to find a local Web host company. This may or may not make some change on the speed that your Web site is delivered.

What is their tech support policy?

Is it free?

When is it available?

Do they transfer your domain for you or do you have to do it?

If your new Web host will transfer your domain for you, skip this step. If you have to transfer the domain yourself you will want to get that process started immediately. This can be accomplished through Network Solutions.

After you secure a Web host you will need to upload your files to the new server. There are a couple factors that can make this easy or difficult:


The size of your Web site.

Will your new Web host transfer it for you?

Your directory structure. If you are able to maintain the same directory structure you will not have a problem. If there is a different directory structure you will need to make some modifications to the links to your graphics and documents.

Once you have all the files uploaded you will need to replace the index page on your old Web host with a redirection page to your new Web host. This is insures that you will not loose any visitors during the process of switching Web hosts.

Hopefully this little list will make your transition easier.

William Richard has been designing Websites for over 6 years and has used his knowledge to create a HTML reference center for everyone’s skill level. For information or HTML help contact: by email at or visit

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