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Do Your Clients Know Who You Are?

In this age of technology we often find ourselves conducting our business via the Internet, never coming face to face with our clients or business associates and often not even speaking on the phone. For some that can be a bit disconcerting and may leave a bit to be desired when selecting a potential service or professional trade.

One way to help alleviate the problem as well as making you more attractive to a larger client base is by creating a factual BIO of your career history. Whether you are presenting your business online, preparing a press kit or offering an introductory client package, a good BIO can go a long way in providing professionalism, friendliness and integrity.

A BIO is simply a portal into your life’s experience. It is a condensed version of your career history and provides your readers with insight into who you are. It is in essence a short story of your professional life. The general point of a BIO is to highlight your experience in such a way as to demonstrate your credibility.

In contrast to a resume, which is generally used for seeking employment, a BIO is for those seeking a method of introduction. It is the perfect document for explaining a portion about yourself, your service and your mode of operation. Most often you will find entrepreneurs, artists, writers, business owners and professional consultants utilizing a BIO. The true purpose of a BIO is to convince those who are reading it that they should be interested in you. Primarily it should inspire the reader to feel confidence in your ability and encourage their involvement with your work or service.

As you prepare your BIO remember that you are making yourself more credible in the eye of the public so begin by making a list of things that are relevant to your experience. Think about what might appeal to your readers or what might be of interest to someone exploring your business prior to requesting your services. In a world where there is so much competition to contend with you want to show good reason why someone would choose you over your competitor.

    1. Share your business philosophy or your mission statement.
    2. Illustrate how you got involved in your particular business.
    3. Include your years of experience.
    4. Mention some of your goals and successes.
    5. Define the background of your company?
    6. Include your education or any specialized training if it’s pertinent.
    7. Refer to any special associations you may belong to.
    8. If your business requires special licensing, bring it up.
    9. Show if you’ve won awards or been acknowledged.
    10. Explain publications or recognition.
    11. Most importantly, write about what sets you apart from everyone else.

For some people writing about themselves is not at all difficult and causes no undo pressure or discomfort. For others though it may appear as if they are self-promoting which may appear to be somewhat arrogant. There is a way to express yourself honestly without appearing arrogant or conceited and it’s called telling the truth. My experience has shown that when something is conveyed honestly it never appears as smugness. But if you find it difficult to write about yourself, you might consider having a professional writer prepare your BIO. It’s often much easier for an outsider to be objective about your experience since others may see you in a brighter light than you view yourself.

Overall a BIO not only provides credibility to your clients, but it often affirms your own level of expertise to yourself. Although a good BIO should speak clearly and directly to the needs of the reader, a good BIO can also provide an air of confidence, allowing the subject to view him or herself in a new manner. I’ve had a number of individuals tell me that they hung their BIOs or resumes on a wall and reviewed it when they weren’t feeling too good about themselves. Not only does it provide the credibility you are hoping to portray to your clients but it’s also a great way to remember who you are.

Charlene Rashkow brings 15 years of experience as a Writing Stylist and Author to her creative efforts as a freelance business writer/consultant. She has successfully helped companies and individuals reach their objectives by writing outstanding press releases, bios, articles of interest, business plans, resumes, web site content and all other forms of marketing material. To speak with Charlene you may contact her at or write her at You can also call her directly at (310) 514-4844

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