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Doing Whatever it Takes

After being involved in Internet Marketing and Network Marketing for over 5 years, I’ve come to realize a few things.

The first thing I realized is that everyone who gets involved in these industries wants to be successful.

The second thing I realized was, there are certain things you have to be willing to do to be successful.

And the third thing I realized was, few people are willing to do the things it takes to be successful.

In fact, this is not only true of Internet and Network Marketing, it’s true of almost every industry you can think of. There are certain specific things that MUST be done to become successful, but very few people are willing to do what it takes to become successful.

When I first got involved in Network Marketing back in 1995 this used to blow my mind! Now I understand… Most folks are just not serious. And guess what?… Until they get serious, success will avoid them like the plague. In the end you’ll either have excuses or results.

Those of us who are not just where we want to be in life, which is most of us, usually have reasons or excuses to justify where we are at. We can say that he or she took advantage of us, or he or she lied to us thereby misleading us, and that’s why we failed. But guess what? Even though these may be justifiable reasons and excuses they just won’t help make us successful.

When we blame other people and situations for what happens to us in life and in business, we become victims. When we become victims, we lose control of our destiny. We become powerless and are unable to stop others from doing bad things to us again in the future. This is NOT a good situation to be in. However, once we realize that we really DID have something to do with where we are and how we got where we are, we become responsible for our lives and businesses again. We THEN take back the control.

The fact is, nobody likes blaming themselves for anything. But the ones who ARE willing to do this, when it is applicable, are in control of themselves. And by being in control, they can prevent many negative situations from happening to them in the future. This is a quality all real leaders have, and this is a key to getting POSITIVE results in life and in business.

Consider this…

What if you got involved in a Network Marketing company on the Internet and started working it part time, and after a few months with little or no success, you decided this business just wasn’t for you. Would it be the end of the world? No! You’d more than likely STILL have your full time job, and you could just continue doing what you’d done in the past.

On the other hand…. Let’s say you got involved in a Network Marketing company on the Internet, started part time, became a good student of Network Marketing, worked aggressively, and took responsibility for every aspect of your new business. After seeing positive results quickly, you became excited and started to work even harder and talked to people about your business with enthusiasm and excitement. Three months after starting you have 5 or 10 people in your downline that you personally sponsored, and they’ve started duplicating what you’ve been doing. How would you feel then?

Three months later, after continuing to apply these same principles, you were able to sign up 5 or 10 more distributors personally sponsored by you. In addition to that, the first 5 or 10 distributors you signed up were able to do the same thing you did and they each signed up 5 or 10 distributors. How would you feel then? Would you quit? Heck NO! You’d be VERY excited. You’d also be very motivated to continue building your business.

Let’s say that in the upcoming months you kept repeating this simple process over and over again. And at the end of a year you were able to buy a brand new car or pay off your home mortgage with the profits from your Network Marketing business. Then you realized that you were earning more money with your Network Marketing business than your job was paying you, and your income was continuing to increase. In addition to that, you’re having fun, you’re helping a lot of people, and YOU are your only boss.

How would you feel about your job now? You know, the place where you are constantly told what to do, how to do it, when to be there, when to leave, and how much you’re worth?… Talk about a depressing place to be! You would realize the fact that you’ve been wasting your life up to this point literally sacrificing yourself for your boss and the company. And worst of all you were terribly UNDERPAID to do this!

That’s when you’d realize it’s time for a change. It would then be time for you to fire your boss and make your Network Marketing business your career. From that day on YOU would be the boss. YOU would be in control. In fact, soon after that you could stop earning a living and start living a lifestyle. THAT is an AWESOME feeling!

If you’ve already reached this goal with your Network Marketing business, or maybe even surpassed it, you can relate to the incredible feeling I’ve just described. That’s because you were willing to do whatever it takes to achieve those results.

However, if you’ve been unsuccessful in the past, or if you’re new to the industry, or you’ve just never had the training needed to succeed DON’T give up! It’s NOT too late. It CAN happen for you just as it has for tens of thousands of others. You just have to be willing to do WHATEVER it takes and take responsiblity for everything that happens to YOU and YOUR business.

Thank you, Leon Brickey

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