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10 Easy Ways To Create Traffic Pulling Content!

1. Publish your visitor’s comments or questions that you receive via e-mail. Include your response for each comment. Just get their legal permission first.

2. Interview experts or famous people your visitors would recognize. All you have to do is write out the questions. Just publish the interview on your site.

3. Place a discussion board on your web site. Your visitors would create the content for you, but don’t forget to participate on the board too.

4. Accept guest articles related to the theme of your web site. You could publish them when needed or combine them in a huge article directory.

5. Review products and services that your visitors might be interested in buying. Publish your opinions about them right on your web site.

6. Create a recommend links directory that includes your own personal summary of the sites. This’ll help your visitors decide if they want to visit the site.

7. Trade content with similar web sites and e-zines. You would both benefit from the new content and could also cross promote each others web site.

8. Publish your own personal diary about things that relate to running and promoting your web site. You could publish it daily or weekly.

9. Create a free ebook directory. You could accept submissions from your visitors and publish your own free ebooks.

10. Add some visual content to your web site. You could add pictures and graphics with descriptions, charts and graphs, visual statistics and results, etc.

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