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3 Great Website Promotion Ideas part 2

Site 2: Trafficology newsletter

You still have to put the website promotion ideas into practice, though, so you may not actually benefit at all.

Trafficology – 7/10

Who really benefits from Trafficology?

Answer: Trafficology AND (maybe) you.

Trafficology becomes the ONE website promotion newsletter everyone reads, because of the excellent content. And you get to read some excellent website promotion ideas; you simply have to put the ideas into practice (hence the ‘maybe’).

The real website promotion idea?

Probably contained in each issue of the Trafficology newsletter.

Site 3:

So, what is ? A worldwide guide to free SMS text messaging services ! (You’re looking puzzled, I can tell!)

…And as such, will not help you promote YOUR website at all. “So why do I mention it in this article?” I hear you ask. I’ll explain in a moment. is also an example of a theme-based or niche site, designed around a high-demand/low-supply concept – free sms.

Verdict on

Okay, I admit it, is a site I created; more as an experiment in building traffic than anything else. But get this! I finished the site at the end of June 2001, and it is already receiving over 1000 page views a day, in the middle of July. Yes, one thousand per day!

(Are you starting to get interested, yet?)

I have created enough websites to be impressed with 1000 page views and 200 unique visitors per day. (Especially when the site is less than a month old, and after only the most basic of website promotion on my part; no money spent.)

How can a guide to ‘sending free text messages’ help you? is irrelevant, in itself. It is simply an example of a site that meets a high demand – free SMS text messaging services – with little or no supply. It is simply an example of a theme-based site that gets word-of-mouth and repeat traffic, and will soon get search engine traffic too!

And if I can create a ‘’, then you too can create a site with high demand and low supply; a site that focuses on a niche, or theme; a site designed around so-called ‘profitable’ keywords. How?

Visit Wordtracker and use their free keyword suggestion tool!

Wordtracker determines keyword ‘profitability’ based on keywords that you choose, and measured against the Alta Vista search engine. For each keyword, it calculates a Keyword Effectiveness Index or KEI (invented by Sumantra Roy of 1stSearchRanking). Generate keywords with a KEI over 100, like ‘free sms’ or ‘mobile phone ringtones’ and you have a site concept worth developing.

The paid-for Wordtracker service determines keyword profitability against all the major search engines and directories, including the pay-per-click search engine GoTo. It costs less than $10 for one day!

I also confirmed my results using SBI Manager, part of Site Build It, an innovative all-in-one system that lets you convert your passion into a theme-based, search-engine-friendly site, no HTML required. or high-demand/low-supply niche site – 9/10

Who really benefits from

Answer: You benefit.

You don’t benefit from in itself, but you will benefit from creating a site like – theme-based, focused on in-demand keywords, with few competitors. (Believe me, it’s a lot easier promoting a site that people want to visit! You’re simply doing people a favor, half the time, when you tell them about it. And then people genuinely do tell their friends.)

The real website promotion idea?

Create a theme-based or niche site, about an in-demand subject with few competitor sites. For more information and ideas, visit:

So which website promotion idea works best for you?

StartBlaze offers a quick and easy way to get (low-quality?) visitors to your site, but is a great way to promote (and associated websites). Trafficology newsletter lets you learn from the best, but there is no guarantee of success. And will not help you promote your website, but is a great example of getting traffic when you simply ‘meet a need.’

Why not visit the sites, and see for yourself!

PS As I finish writing this article, and after publicizing the site recently in a press release, is now receiving over 2000 page views per day. (Now if only I could convert some of that traffic into income…!)

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