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Headlines: Your Big Opener

The headline is probably the most important thing on the most important page of your web site.

Yet far too many web designers ignore its power and simply put up a meaningless statement: “Welcome to my site.”

If your headline doesn’t grab the attention in a fraction of a second, the chances are that the visitor to your site will fail to read any further – and click away.

Powerful headlines should include as many of these elements as possible:

* Personal – use ‘You’ and ‘Your’.

* Direct – if you are making a claim, make it clearly.

* Convincing – don’t over claim: people aren’t fools.

* Intriguing – good headlines make you want to know more.

* Emotional – if you can touch a reader’s positive emotions, they won’t be able turn away. Emotions capture the imagination. One of the most famous headlines of all time had emotion by the barrel-load: “My friends all laughed when I sat down at the piano. But when I began to play…”

* Benefit driven – good headlines say what the product will do for you, not how.

* Pose a positive response question – questions in which the only sensible response is yes can be very powerful: which of these would make you read on – ‘Would you spend $1 to save $100?’, or, ‘Would you like to invest in our plan?’

* Active – use strong, active words. Passive, weak writing has no place in copywriting.

* Use copywriter’s ‘magic’ words – some words have so much power that they regularly appear in headlines. Fourteen common ones are: How to, New, Secret, Save, Get, Free, Bonus, You, Unique, Exclusive, Now, Why, Guaranteed, Risk-free.

* Short, punchy words. Long words with lots of syllables are difficult to scan. Avoid them.

* Empathize with the reader – show that you understand and can solve their problem: “Do you despair of ever losing weight? Discover the secret of how I beat my yo- yo cycle and lost 42 pounds forever.” Know who you are writing for – understand your target audience – and write directly to them.

Write lots of headlines and test for the best.

Don’t cop out on your headline. Polish it, cherish it and it will be the key to the success of your web site.

Martin Avis is the author of the best-selling ‘Unlock the Secrets of Private Label eBooks’ – a complete blueprint to private label rights success. Visit to see how you can tap into this goldmine for yourself.

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