Monday, June 17, 2024

How Good Does It Get?

Ok. I am extemely happy, and my livelihood just seems to flow in huge wonderful chunks towards me. Notice I was extemely happy first, and as I became happy in my own space, my life began having incredible stuff dumped all over it ! DUMPED!!!

Tapes on my stuff are beginning really soon, instead of after the first of the year, and I’ve begun Radio Interviews, and am having a complete blast, as I really do want to PLAY on the radio.

Now. So what does this have to do with you? Well, Some folks watch me and they say: *Well, Susan, this is just a Natural progression of you and your stuff, to come out with tapes and do radio and your business growing in leaps & bounds*. And others Say: *You are a master of promotion*. And although that is certainly a compliment, I just sorta shake my head, because I know they just don’t get it.

None of what my life is about, is about having a business plan, simply because I write stuff, so this is Next, nor is it about me being really good at promotion. But that’s how we have been conditioned and taught to look at how success is created.

That is not however the case of how mine has and is being created. I have done and continue to do it Backwards from what those two above statements represent. This is the part that I hope to help you *get* if you are interested.

My life is showing up as it is, because I no longer have fear running around like razor blades in my veins, and then having to react and mold my life based from a lower energy place.

My life is showing up as it is because, I have dropped tons of the BS that I allowed to push my buttons, which again caused me to design my life from a lower energy place.

When we design our lives from lower energy places, like fear of stuff. Fear of what others will think, fear of our spouses reaction, fear of what others will do, fear of what if this happens , fear of what this does not happen; fear of money, fear of relationships changing, fear of jobs changing, and Im sure you have some you could add; but when we make our choices from lower energy places like that, then that is when and why life feels hard.

That’s why life feels like a struggle. Why it feels like we maybe never get a break. Why it feels like, we take 2 steps forward and 3 steps back. Why we feel like what’s the use? Why we remain stuck in the tarpit of life, instead of the place where it brings us all our cool stuff every single day ! EVERY SINGLE DAY ! Not just once a year, or every couple months, Every Single Day!

I play in my days, and stuff just shows up! I don’t go get it, it friggen just shows up! Every once in a while, I will catch myself. I’ll say: *Hmmm, how can I make this one thing happen?* Then I’ll go punching around trying to dig up ways to make it happen. THEN I STOP. I remember how good I have taught myself. It’ll just show up. It will just show up! I don’t have to go get it ! When I start to *go get stuff*, because that’s what we are taught to do, I project way outside of myself, and get all tangled up. When I do that, I actually show down the momentum and the more spectacular ways that things could show up. I may get a medium manifestation, when I could have gotten a HUGE GRAND one !

The part about me being really good at Promotion? Do you know what that REALLY Is? That’s the part of my Brilliance Kicking in from the Higher Self Part of me. I have asked constantly for all that comes to me, to come in fun, love, ease and affection!

I love my Life! I love what is showing up in my life. I love that I understand HOW I got here! And since I don’t have that crap in my energy stream, limiting me, all I want to do is run around and kiss people and tell them how great and easy their life can be, and how their dreams will just flow to them, if they will simply expand the space in front of their face. If they will teach themselves to mold that energy in front of their face that they can not see !!!

If I were to try and HOLD IN all of *this* grand stuff that is happening with me, the stuff that some folks call promotion, I WOULD EXPLODE !! The Mechanics of this is *this*. The more I am spewing of wonder in my life, the more Wonder Comes to my life !!! ITS THE WAY IT WORKS!

Also, If I tried to hold all of this in, then I am beginning to constrict the very energy around me that brings me my stuff. And why do people hold it in? Why would I hold it in? Well, *what would other people think!* Susan is running around all goofy over Madonna, and Kissing & Hugging everyone who gets near her path ! What would people think? I DO NOT CARE WHAT THE *THEY* PEOPLE THINK OF WHAT I DO! And once we understand, what that kind of stuff does to push our dreams away from us, maybe we’ll stop giving in to it and express who and what we REALLY Are!

Everyone….EVERY SINGLE ONE Benefits! Its the way the Abundance of the Universe is set up!! It is ours to partake of! Just learn the simple ease of the physics of It all !

Wonder is before YOU! I promise it ! I Live It ! Im not any more special than anyone else, as we all are very incredible and special, Im just running around telling folks how I got here! And please come out and PLAY with Me !!

Author/Consultant Susan James writes of User Friendly
Physics and The Immaculate Physics Applications to our
lives. Covering Millionaires to Weight Loss, Susan writes
from personal application of Maverick Momentum methods.
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