Monday, June 17, 2024

How To Make Sure Your Visitors Don’t Come Back!

Pop up windows – when you arrive, when you leave, when you click to another page! It’s an epidemic!

I was at a site today where they started coming up so fast and so many that it froze my browser and I had to hit Control, Alt and Delete in order to close a couple of them so I could get back in control.

You use to see a couple here and there but now they are everywhere and they are getting to be a pain. Little ones, big ones, ones that come up half on the screen so you have to actually drag it before you can close it! Others that are small but have a full size page inside but you can’t read it unless you enlarge the window! There are narrow ones that go across the top of the screen and there are those that are larger than your monitor screen so that you can’t get to the upper right corner to click that little “X” to close the darn thing.

And now I find that I will close my browser and guess what, there is a sneaky one that is lurking on my desk top waiting for me, like a stalker, from a site I visited a half hour ago!

It is getting to be like an arcade game, they pop up and I shoot them down. I am getting pretty quick with my mouse pointer. What I need is a laser mouse so I can close them quicker :>)

Then there are the sites with the fancy flash programs. They have the pop up that wants you to download the Flash player. And that comes up a couple of times. First of all, I have the darn player and secondly hopefully there is a link there so I can bypass the Flash presentation. Otherwise I just click away because I really don’t want to see it. I went to a site the other day because I had to get some contact information. I had to sit through a four minute presentation to get into the site because there was no other way.

Then there are the sites that you go to and you get a page that says – “This site requires that you have cookies enabled” and you can’t get to the site content. They must get so much traffic that they can afford to turn some away.

Yes, we have one pop up at our main site but it will only come up once when you leave the main page and it will not come up for that visitor for the next twenty-four hours not matter how many times he or she clicks around at the site.

Well if you want to make sure that after you spend all those resources to get people to come to your site that they don’t come back, make sure you use all these fancy Flash presentations, lot’s of pop ups and cookies and great big graphics so if they do get into your page it takes forever to load completely. What ever happened to keep it simple!

It is a lot quicker to “click” away with a mouse than Ann from “The Weakest Link” can say “Good Bye” although the result is the same!

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