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Internet marketing success? Easier than you think!

The Internet is growing by leaps and bounds. The time is perfect for starting your own online business. Although most have to buy thousands of dollars worth of information products or research for over a year (like myself) before learning what it takes to become successful on the Internet, that does not need to be the case.

It is a lot more painless than most realize. Of course I had to kick, scratch, and pull teeth before I learned that. That kind of blood shed is no longer necessary. With just a few free resources available to us, we can accomplish all of the needed tasks to reach success on the Internet. Here is what you need….

1. You need a hot product that every one needs. You must solve a problem. Ask your self- “Self… what do I need that I cannot find?” Chances are, if you need it you are not alone. Do all of your research to create your product that will make life easier for you and others like you. Be sure to make it easily accessible to your customers with instant access. The easiest, most cost effective way to do this is with an ebook. Just a simple executable file that runs when double clicked. You don’t even need to purchase ebook software. This web master will create an ebook for you for free, as many as you like:

Or for a few free ebook software try here:

Need great looking cover art for that ebook? If a great looking cover image can raise your sales by as much as 300%, then yes you do need ebook cover art. A great looking cover image will help to leave a lasting impression in your visitors mind.

Try here for free ebook cover templates:

Or for professionally designed ebook covers for free:

2. You need your own web site. You will need to register your own domain name in the future, but you can start with hosting from:

Those are among the best of the free business hosting services. When you are ready to register your own domain name, try these service for completely free registration. They require that you carry a frame with their advertisements, but you can transfer the domain for a small fee when you are ready.

3. You must accept credit cards. If you ask a visitor to actually get off line to phone or fax you, or if you expect them to remember to reach for an envelope and a stamp- forget it. You have to get them while they are hot, before they leave your site. You no longer need expensive merchant accounts to accept credit cards. You can sign up for third party processing. These companies charge no set up fee and no monthly fee. They simply charge a commission per sale. Sign up is easy. You could be accepting credit cards with in an hour.

4. You will need your own affiliate program. One of the better ways to make sales on the Internet is to offer other web masters a percentage of your sales that they send you. Hey, what do you know? The credit card processing companies above also offer you a free affiliate program of your own! Here they are again:

5. You need your own ezine to keep in contact with potential customers. Your biggest chance for success is return traffic. It is also a good way to get your visitors to know and trust you so they will not be afraid to buy from you. If you expect your ezine to be read- make sure it is unique. You can start your own ezine on these free list servers:

6. You need a viral marketing campaign that will continue to multiply for you.

Create a free ebook that links back to you. If your ebook has a good deal of value it will be passed on to generate traffic for you. List your free ebooks at:

Or you can start a free web awards program. Here is a free script to help you with that:

7. Promote, promote, promote! After you have all of those things set up, it is time to make them work for you.

There are various methods of promoting on the internet for free. In fact the more effective methods are free. Here are a few ideas:

Promote your ebook in various ebook search engines such as:

Sell your ebook at online ebook stores such as:

There is even an ebook auction site that will allow you to sell your ebook.

Promote your affiliate program in the leading affiliate program directories. Such as:

Promote your ezine in ezine directories:

Ezine announcement lists:


Make use of free ezine advertising. There are numerous ezines that offer a free ad when you subscribe. Many offer a free ad each week. Here is the best place to find those ezines:

Have your articles published by other ezine editors. Post them at article directories so that your articles may be easily found by editors.

You can find other similar resources by going to your favorite search engine.

Above and beyond that, the rest is up to you. With a little imagination, a little creativity, and a lot of discipline and perseverance- Internet success could be yours.

Easier than you thought? Would you believe it took me over a year to figure all of that out? 馃檪

Pam Renovato is the web master of Your Internet Marketing Power
House. She is also editor of a twice monthly free ezine. Receive
over $100 in free bonuses when you subscribe.

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