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Is there a human in there

I know there are many people who have signed up for affiliate programs only to be left in the dark. Training is handled by autoresponders, FAQ sections, or even websites. I know these are the reasons we enjoy these businesses, since many time consuming tasks are handled automatically, but we must understand one important rule: There is no substitute for humans.

The Internet is unbelievable in terms of sheer numbers of prospects that may visit our websites every day. Unfortunately, every prospect isn’t treated as a human being with respect to the help we give them. The result is poor closing ratios as well as retention.

The majority of the public joins an affiliate program on the Internet with the idea of never talking to anybody. They will attempt to play the numbers game by blasting ads all over the place, and if and when someone becomes a prospect, they pray to the high heavens that they become an affiliate.

It takes an extreme amount of patience and perseverance to build a business this way. The public doesn’t generally have this patience and therefore the low percentage of people that you do close will quit because of lack of knowledge, direction, results and human support.

A great start is to treat your prospects like humans. It can be as simple as treating others as you would like to be treated. Welcoming people aboard, asking questions, answering questions and giving advice are necessary in building a trusting relationship with a prospect. When you get someone online who wants to make money, and you can break down the Internet barrier for a second and touch them as a human being, then your chance for success skyrockets. Please note that all of this is assuming that you are capturing the contact information on all of your prospects. It has always been a rule to get contact information in any sales process and follow-up with them, except now the medium has changed.

What makes it difficult is you need to get out of your comfort zone and use the phone or at least begin to write emails personally. These methods actually take time but will provide huge dividends in closing ratios as well as retention of affiliates. Prospects can generally tell the difference between a personally written email that addresses their needs and one that is directed toward the general public. It is harder for someone to say no or opt out if you have made a connection personally.

If someone asks a question, do not and I repeat do not just send them a link and ask them to check the FAQ section first. Answer the question, then make a suggestion on how you would apply your answer to them building their business and last but not least, thank them for their interest. Questions are opportunities, not nuisances. If you personally help or answer a question for someone, you will add income in your pocket.

Cookie cutter websites promoting affiliate programs with absolutely no human support are a dime a dozen. You always need an edge, something that makes you stand out. I joined a program and stuck with it because a gentleman took the time to answer any questions I had and showed genuine concern. It most certainly is a staple for me and it should be for everyone. You cannot hold everyone’s hand every minute of their home business life, but you can show them there is a warm body behind that email address that cares. Be human, be caring, and you can be what you want to be.

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