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It’s About Energy, Not *Free Vs Pay*

Many things prompt this topic. The main thread? *Money* The Internet is changing, of course many of us knew it would.

For weeks now the information and articles and discussion has been flowing on this topic.

Some think the changes are *bad*. And what are they measuring that on? Well, some of the free stuff is no longer going to be free.

Among many changes including review sites are some of the free websites will no longer be free.

I personally have no problem with this. Is my lack of problem with this, that I am in my now moment a Millionaire Mogul? Well, in my mind yes. Which is all I need to know. And I have a free website, that has and will continue to serve me well, as I pay money for it.

But, if you are not there yet, and are wondering how this will help you in your life, and your business and your family. Please stick with me.

This is not about money. It is about energy and lack, & lower vibrations. Human Conditioning says. *Well, if its not going to be free, anymore, then what will I do? I maybe can find more free things, and I will just switch.*

So….? Why are you switching? Are you switching because you think that money will not show up? So you go running around based on the energy of lack?

Now, switching may be good for you for a host of reasons. That’s not what I am talking about. I am talking about what was the VERY FIRST THOUGHT YOU HAD WHEN YOU GOT A NOTE SAYING NO MORE FREE STUFF!

Most likely it was frustration, because you thought, *I won’t pay.* And the real reason is that you don’t think you have enough Money. And then you go about justifying why you are switching, which is a good thing. You need to now feel good about switching.

But guess what. Its going to show up again. This lack and money and abundance thing. You got upset, because you thought: *Oh, no….not enough. I live in lack. So I can not do this thing this way so I must change.*

Do you know what that means….REALLY?

That means, you are sending out language to the Universe that says.*I don’t have money*. That is the real reason, you are entertaining switching. You are just applying this energy lack to the Internet stuff, but you also apply that same language in your daily living. Its not about Money, its not about the Internet, its *not* about how you do business. Its about how you process the energy of abundance and prosperity, and you are processing it by saying in essence it does not exist, at least not for *you*.

If you are sending out vibrations saying I don’t have money, or enough money, then Consciousness being the all giver that it is always says *YES, you are right! You do not have money*. And here is more of *you do not have enough money*!

The thing to consider is that this will not only show up in your e-commerce business, but it will show in other parts of your life as well.

Money is a resource just like Air. WE were not taught that we would run out of air, and we have to save our *air* for a rainy day. We were not taught to be restrictive with our use of our breath.

And if you rationalize that money is a thing, and air is not. Then entertain this. Abundance is not a thing. Prosperity is not a thing. It is an essence that shows up. It simply is. You can not touch the essence of abundance but you can touch the many ways it appears in your experience, one of which is money and its different venues.

We have been *taught* to guard our money, because we may lose it, and we may need it for some awful thing that happens, or for some future investment. (That whole sentence is full of *lack energy* , *lower light*, *lower vibration & frequency statements*. You will keep getting the same thing!)

I’ve had my own evolving process over this, over the years. Its why many what society calls rich kids, remain wealthy like their parents. They did not grow up in an environment that said: *We don’t have enough money.* (Its not about being born with a Silver Spoon in their mouths.)

Ever wonder why you read stories of lottery winners, who end up poor, or with other problems, even tho they have money? Its the perception of lack still prevailing in their minds as a radio signal to consciousness, still stuck on the station of lack.

You can waste your time and energy, and I do mean energy, pointing fingers at your family and your environment, or you can POINT your Energy and bring you the abundance you seek !

Consciousness contains a Gold Mine of all and everything we could ever desire. We *mine* that Gold by using our energy on purpose and teaching ourselves how to use it to benefit, instead of always having to try and pickup broken pieces of our lives.

Please: Go to the trouble to teach yourself how to mold your life on purpose. Understand the mechanics behind it all. Then it wont matter what changes from free to pay. It wont matter how much something costs because you wont focus on the cost. You will know where to place your focus in *energy* terms, which is quite often different from what Psyche 101 and Business & Marketing 101 might be telling you.

Author/Consultant Susan James writes of User Friendly
Physics and The Immaculate Physics Applications to our
lives. Covering Millionaires to Weight Loss, Susan writes
from personal application of Maverick Momentum methods.
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