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It’s Your Life – Take Control

If you seem to spend much of your life doing things for other people, if being ordered about from dawn till dusk is a normal component of your life, do something about it.

Perhaps you love being with your children, but don’t seem to have the time. Perhaps you yearn to become an entertainer instead of the current job that you hate. Perhaps the only reason you watch TV at night is because working all day has made you exhausted. What about your partner – do you have a happy relationship or does it contribute to your misery?

I’m not suggesting that you just yell at the next person who crosses your path, but I am suggesting you sit down with a fresh piece of paper & make a couple of lists about your life. Getting your life in some kind of perspective is one of the most important things an individual can do. It recharges our mental batteries and gives us renewed drive & purpose.

Write down the things that MEAN THE MOST TO YOU.

Be honest ! Don’t write things that you feel “should” be written. You have no obligations here, except to yourself ! Likewise, don’t omit things that may seem silly.

If your job sucks, don’t write “job”.

If your husband is a fool, don’t write “husband”.

If your cat means more to you than world peace, write “cat”.

Now, in a separate list, write down the things you are INTERESTED IN ACHIEVING. Again, don’t censor yourself. Disregard that little voice in your head that always says “You can’t – you’re not good enough”. Tell it to shut up. Start writing !

If you are overweight or pregnant, don’t be afraid to write “athlete”.

If you are lonely or isolated, don’t be afraid to write “marriage”.

If you drive a taxi, don’t be afraid to write “internet millionaire”.

Once you have listed both the things that truly mean the most to you in your life, and the things you would really love to achieve, making a change in your life becomes easier and inevitable.

The process of seizing control of your life’s direction is not terribly difficult or complex. By making a couple of simple lists, you have crystallised & defined your desires. Now you just need to step up and make it happen.

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