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Make Them Click Click Click, While Your Profits Boom Boom Boom!

If this tip doesn’t make you more money, chop me.

The best thing that can happen to a website is to get an order. The 2nd best thing?…

Get an opt-in subscriber to your ezine.

The 3rd best thing?…

Get an opt-in subscriber to another e-publication.

That about summarizes the whole trick. But if you want the real meat, hang tight…

Scrolls and scrolls of articles have been written on the importance of building your own subscriber list. So I won’t dig much into it here. No matter what you do, build your list. It’s your gold mine.

If a visitor wants to subscribe to your ezine, why not tempt him/her to subscribe to another as well? It can be an affiliate program that you are currently marketing. It can be an ezine cross-promotion that you’ve just arranged with another editor. It can even be an autoresponder course promoting one of your products.

Here’s a live example on how to do it right… Go to:

You see that I don’t just ask my visitors to subscribe to my ezine. I give them a good choice of other e- publications as well. I place them nicely beside the “check boxes.”

One thing you need to know… People love to click on check boxes! Don’t ask me why, they just do. And I love it whenever they do. 馃檪

So my visitors just go click, click, click.

I send them the e-publications that they requested. The follow-up process sets in automatically. Not just from me, but also from the authors of the e-publications that my visitors have just subscribed to.

Notice this… The power of follow-up has just been multiplied. And you’ll soon see that manifested in your bank account. 馃槈

Enough theory. Follow these 3 steps to get the whole thing kicking…

1. Grab a form processor script from The CGI Resource Index .

2. If you are not sure of how to use forms or check boxes, try out the excellent tutorial at Writing HTML .

3. Punch a few quality e-publications onto your subscription page. These can come from the affiliate programs that you are presently promoting, or cross- promotion arrangements that you’ve set up with other online partners.

My personal experience tells me that free online courses draw the highest response rate. If you’re keen, you can put up the same courses on your website. Just go to and sign up for the courses that interest you. Instructions on how to offer them for subscription on your own site are provided in the courses.

That’s it! You now have on hand a simple but extremely powerful technique that can significantly boost your online profits. Don’t put it off. Get it going today…

…and you’ll be hearing “Boom Boom Boom” in no time!

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